The Incredible Power Of The Weighing Scales

As I am fully committed to shifting the extra pounds (hey, who am I kidding? That would be stones and stones) I decided to invest in a brand new pair of weighing scales. I made an event out of it taking the whole family off to Tesco to choose some. I even took them all to MacDonalds afterwards to celebrate and yes, I had nothing except a diet coke.

So this morning once Him Indoors and the children were dispatched to their various lives, I whipped off all my clothes and bounced onto the new scales. Nothing. The instructions did not tell you you had to take a little plastic tab out of them to make them work. OK, that’s sorted. Try again. Wow, I appear to have lost 5 stones overnight! I knew this could not be possible but was quite happy to bask in the moment. Right, time to face reality. It does not say 10 stones 2 pounds. It says 102kg. Since when did anybody stuck in the Eighties want to deal in kg?!

Read the instructions and worked out that I needed to push a button if I wanted to deal in old-fashioned weights. It turns out I am around the 16 stone mark when I thought it was a mere (lol) 15 stone. Feel totally deflated after nearly 3 weeks of being so good on the healthy eating front.

Seized on the support of Twitter and within minutes was reassured. 70 pounds to lose is just 2 pounds for 35 weeks. That sounds far more manageable. It is pretty clear to me that I have lost around 91b already in 2 weeks so I am on track. As Him Indoors said, all that has changed is the starting point, so when you lose the weight, it will be an even more impressive story.

I am going to admit because I bet I am not the only one to do this that I tried the scales in various places in the house blaming sloping floors and all sorts for the terrible truth.

However, due to the support of Twitter and family members, I got in the car and went off to buy Weightwatchers bread and smoked salmon for lunch.

The point of this post is really to ask whether other women give the weighing scales too much power. Do you jump on and off them every 3 seconds? Do you move them around to try to get them to give you a different result? If you are on a steady path of weight loss, should they be so important in your life?

In case you are wondering, I will lose the weight. I am believing in myself and you lot can catch up in your own time.

5 thoughts on “The Incredible Power Of The Weighing Scales

  1. I don’t own scales. They had to go because I became obsessed & would weigh in everyday & get so dis-heartened at the slightest increase even if it wasn’t a whole lb! We do how ever have a Wii Fit that you can weigh in on. Trouble is I’m lazy and can’t be bothered getting it out & setting up just for the prize of total disappointment if I have gained weight! I site I find very useful for tracking food intake/weight/measurements etc is MyFitnesspal You can track everything you eat & set your goal to whatever you want ie 2lb loss a week the forums are great & very helpful motivational. Take a look, it’s free. Also take your measurements. Neck, chest, waist, hips, thighs etc and record them. Measure yourself about once a month. Sometimes you see better results than on the scales and even if you feel like you’re not losing the lbs as quickly as you’d like you might be losing the inches xxx Good luck x

  2. I joined Slimming World… I get weighed away from the house and don’t keep scales around to stop myself from letting it become a temptation.

    If I were you, the only advice I can give and you don’t have to listen…. Keep them in one place… And only weigh yourself once a week.
    If you start weighing yourself too frequently it can become an obsession and you won’t see the fruits of your effort in shorter time frames.

    Hugs!!!!!! xxx

  3. Kate! Get your other half to hide them! I now weigh myself every two weeks and it’s amazing how much of a difference it makes. I’m not weighing myself before and after every toilet trip, every state of undress and even checking to see if I add weight on to the scales when my hair is wet (come on we’ve all done it!). Because I’m not weighing constantly and seeing the daily fluctuations, I’m not getting disheartened at times like I used to and thinking “sod it” then reaching for the chocolate and telling myself I’ll “start again tomorrow” but then tomorrow turns into the day after, the week after or even the month after. Good luck though, 35 weeks is really achievable! You can do it! xxx

  4. Ha, If I weigh myself on the bedroom carpet I am over a stone lighter, if I do it on the bathroom floor which is tiled then I am my true weight – boooo! I must admit I always try and weight myself at the same time of day so I get a truer picture week by week and after I had my second baby when I really wanted to lose weight I actually found weighing myself daily and making a note of the weight on the calendar really motivated me. Now I don’t even have the will power to do that or motivation x

  5. Ladies, surely we all know that the best way to use said scales is to lie on the floor on your back, legs straight up at 90 degrees with scales resting on the soles of your feet with the dial or readout so you can see it?!

    Seriously though Kate, well done for your determination! x

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