Reflections on Clutter – The Friday Club

Happily joining in Ella from Notes from Home’s Friday Club where this week’s topic is clutter.

I honestly believe that a house with clutter is a house with soul.

Let me see. There are my bookshelves with hundreds of books on them. They make me laugh and cry. They help myself and my family to learn new things. They are essential.

There are little hooks with children’s artwork showing that I am blessed to have children and reminding me of when they were younger or or art projects we worked on together. They warm my heart. They are essential.

My walls are packed with works of art that may well reflect various aspects of myself. Dark, brooding forests, voluptuous women, lighthouses and more. They are essential.

My mantlepiece is incredibly cluttered. We have ornaments that make me giggle. There is a tile s6aying that happiness comes through doors that you didn’t even know you left open which I bought when L came back into my life. There are crystals in vibrant colours, hip flasks, incense and a photo frame that announces “Girl Power”.

Recently, my brother attacked me for my way of living with all these things around me. He practically announced that living in this way was tantamount to child and elder abuse (I live with my 3 children and elderly father). I have reflected long and hard on this and actually cleared everything away when he came to stay here for a few weeks. I felt like some essential spark of me had disappeared. He disappeared to live somewhere else thank goodness and I was able to get my clutter and myself back.

If I were to die today and you came to my house, you would not need anyone to tell you what I was like. You would see huumour, deep thought and feeling, ecletic tastes, objects of learning, celebrations of family life. For me, clutter will always be something to celebrate.

When the clutter gets too much or I judge things to be no longer useful or beautiful, I send them to the charity shop knowing that the saying is very true that one woman’s trash is another woman’s treasure. I am also a member of freegle where you can give stuff away for free. Storage-wise, I find drawers more useful than wardrobes. Again, if you visit charity shops, you can find some brilliant storage solutions from dark brown solid furniture to vintage trunks/suitcases and more. Incidentally, if you are like me and enjoy clutter, both freegle and charity shops are great ways of acquiring stuff whilst helping other people too.

So what do you think? Is clutter a good or bad thing?

Now pop over to the Notes from Home blog and clutter you mind with other people’s ideas. You might just learn from them.

6 thoughts on “Reflections on Clutter – The Friday Club

  1. I love my clutter too. I’m the same with books, photographs, mementos, pictures, artwork & school models, all kinds if things because as you say they reflect me. Without all these things it wouldn’t feel like home. Only difference is when I have to find space for new things I am unable to charity shop them, instead I hoard them in the loft, packed lovingly away in boxes. I am a member of freecycle which is the same & allows you to give stuff away to a good home which I do make myself use x

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  3. I aspire to cosy, loved clutter, rather than oppressive but-what-if-I-need-it-one-day? clutter. I like a jumble of beloved and useful things, but end up with insurmountable piles of stuff I’m not sure what it is and it’s probably broken while it was being stored anyway. So now I declutter. If I reached the stage you’re at, I’d consider myself to have *finished* decluttering!

  4. Hi, Yes I’m taking the time to read the responses from this Notes from Home clutter subject. It’s interesting how our clutter-tolerance levels differ isn’t it. I do like my things around me, but I guess I would like to be a little more organised. When I was in Kielder (running a marathon) I bought a great sign for in my kitchen saying ‘Only dull women have immaculate houses’ and I guess if I wasn’t so busy always ‘doing’ then my house would be tidier at least .. Well, that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it! :o) Al the best, Kg.

  5. I love that you love clutter!

    I think clutter only becomes a problem if it bothers you. There are certain things that I could never part with because they have such meaning to me, even if no-one else sees that – I guess they would see clutter, I see something else.

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