Who Were My High School Crushes? – Listography

Kate over on the Kate Takes 5 blog challenged me a few weeks ago when she asked me to talk about disastrous dates. It is not that I don’t have disasters but I don’t have many dates in my back catalogue.

This week, our challenge is to identify our five High School crushes. Oh lordy, here we go again showing how very not normal I am.

Could I break the rules I wondered? Go back to my very first celebrity crush and mention Orinoco from the Wombles. Yes really and I actually was very tempted to buy a cuddly Orinico in a charity shop recently. I googled him and apparently he was a shirker who liked food and sleep. What does that say about me I wonder?

In desperation, I asked my best friend from high school. Nope, she could not recall any particular crushes on my part. She tried to help with suggestions such as Tom Cruise. I have never liked Tom Cruise at all. I remember a male friend’s mum asking whether I thought he looked like Tom Cruise and she was offended when I said no. I meant it as a compliment. I seem to remember my friend from high school having a thing about Terence Trent D’Arby.

There were people that fascinated me such as Boy George and his friend Marilyn. I did not fancy them as such though.

Right, as I am shirking from the task in Orinoco like fashion, here we go.

1. Nick Berry – He was in Eastenders and then in Heartbeat. I used to sit in a tortured state whilst watching Eastenders with my mum as every time he came on the screen, my face would burn up. He used to lean over the bar of the Vic and I could hear my heart practically leaping out of my chest. Didn’t he end up with the older Gillian Taylforth at some point? I seem to remember thinking the whole idea of that quite nauseating.

2. Peter Howitt or rather Joey Boswell. Here is how he is described on the internet. A 1980s epitome of cool, with big hair and a leather jacket, he acknowledges people with “greetings”, and drives to the dole office in a Jag. That description nails it really as I loved the Eighties and remain firmly stuck in that decade. I still love big hair, leather jackets and suddenly have worked out why my car of choice is a jag. Joey had a girlfriend called Roxy and I remember wanting to change my name to Roxy.

3. Derek Thompson who played Charlie Fairhead in Casualty. I can remember confessing this one to a fellow lodger in the early nineties and she thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard. She fancied Ash and she kept going round the house shrieking, “Charlie? Charlie!” in disbelief.

4. Michael Landon who played Charles Ingalls in Little House on the Prarie. I am not sure when Little House was made but I watched in always including in my High School period so it counts for me. Who would not want a bloke like Charles Ingalls with all that manly strength, love for his family and ability to respond to whatever life threw at him.

5. Michael Hutchence from INXS. Do I really need to explain that one? I think this was the only real teenage crush where I gave in to a huge poster on my bedroom wall. Beautiful and naughty, a sort of Australian version of Joey Boswell lol.

I got over Nick Berry.

I never got over the Eighties, leather, big hair, jaguars and the wish to be called Roxy.

I never found a doctor as nice as Charlie.

In many ways, I married Charles Ingalls although he laughed the other day and said I just graduated from Orinoco to Great Uncle Bulgaria.

I could still get seriously worked up about Michael Hutchence.

6 thoughts on “Who Were My High School Crushes? – Listography

  1. Great list – I remember Joey from Bread in his leather trews! 🙂 A lot more fanciable than his soppy brother Adrian. Now I would have been more worried at that choice lol!
    (Showing my age by remembering the programme, oops)

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