Will You Remember Them Next Week?

Today is Armistice Day and how wonderful to see so many bloggers and others paying tribute to service-people and ex-service people.

I watched ITV This Morning and the two former service-men who insisted on standing during the two minute silence. Although alone, I was moved by them to stand myself and pay proper respect. If two frail men can stand, I am sure I darned well can. I very nearly made the dogs stand up too but that would have meant breaking the silence. As I watched the silence on the television taking place all over the United Kingdom, I found myself very moved and tearful.

Of course, I was thinking of my grandad who was at Gallipoli in World War One and my own Dad who served in the Navy in World War Two. It was more than that though. I reflected how humanity is at its best when we join together with one purpose and support each other. That made me think how bloggers do that so much standing shoulder to shoulder online facing all manner of challenges in their lives. Bloggers also have their say and freedom of speech was surely something fought for in previous wars.

Too many of our Armed Forces don’t come home or return injured. Too many of our Armed Forces struggle to adapt to civilian life and yes some do end up homeless on the streets, in massive debt or find themselves amongst the prison population.

As for our elderly ex-service people, how many live alone and in isolation? Is that what they fought for? A society in the main who thinks about them just one day a year?

So my challenge to myself and to others who would like to take it is to remember every day of the year and to be proactive about it.

Could your Christmas shopping include items from

The Poppy Shop – A Beautiful range of Buckley and Kleshna jewellery, books, clothing and other great ideas? And every purchase helps the Legion support the Armed Forces family.
Visit www.poppyshop.org.uk

or you could

Order a poppy online via donation
Shop for insurance etc at Poppy Direct
Buy products from the Legion’s corporate supporters
Plant a virtual poppy
Become a volunteer with the Royal British Legion
Enter the Poppy Lottery

To find out more about how you can help and be helped check out http://britishlegion.org.uk

There are other charities who do good work with the Armed Forces, with ex-service people and their families. Why not check out the Do It website and see how you could make a difference with perhaps as little time as a hour a fortnight?

Finally, let’s remember the spouses and families of people who are in the Armed Forces. They do not make the choice but they do live with the consequences and sometimes pay a high price.

If you are a service-person, an ex-service person or a dependant of one of those and you are in need, do contact the British Legion for welfare support. There is help available, this is where the poppy money goes. The Legion website will tell you more but the message is that there is help available.

Will you remember them next week? Will I?

One thought on “Will You Remember Them Next Week?

  1. I have to say it was such a beautiful thing to happen even if it did come from something so tragic.
    Myself and hubby bought 2 pins from the british legion stall the eldery ex-service men had set up in the town center. He had a selection of pins, poppies and what i think were keyrings. We choose a small poppy pin with 2011 on. £3 the man said.. each that is! We’ll have two was my husbands reply.
    You do know they are £3 each yes.
    He looked shocked, which in a way saddened me as it made it seem that the people in the center had asked and then gone just for the cheaper option. We wore our pins with pride! and stood for the two minutes in the middle of B&M stores along with the whole store.

    I will remeber the, today, tomorrow and many more days down the line 🙂

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