Five Favourite Cartoon Characters From My Youth – Listography

I always look forward to seeing what topic Kate Takes 5 sets for Listography on Saturdays.

This week we are tasked with revealing our top 5 cartoons from our youth.

1. Mr Benn
Mr Benn, a man wearing a black suit and bowler hat visits a fancy-dress costume shop where he is invited to try on a particular outfit. He leaves the shop through a magic door at the back of the changing room and enters a world appropriate to his costume, where he has an adventure. As a child who lived in a fantasy world in my mind, this one appealed to me more than any other. Do I still live in a dreamworld? Oh yes and blogging provides a magical other world all of its own. Do I dress up? Hey, I think I revealed enough of those sort of secrets in yesterday’s post.

2. Wacky Races
I loved this cartoon based on lots of different personalities and vehicles doing all they could to get to the finish line. A bit like life? There were the bastards like Dick Dastardly and I am sure we have all known a dick or two, non?
The good thing about Wacky Races is that Dick Dastardly always gets his comeuppance making it very different to real life where far too many dicks never do. Here’s to the unforgettable Penelope Pitstop too.

3. The Smurfs
What can I say? I loved them and can’t really justify why. They were blue and had a language all of their own. Will that do? I am so pleased to see the revival as it means I can con my children to like them and then buy lots of Smurf memorabilia.

4. Andy Pandy
Apparently Andy Pandy was a marionette but I just remember liking it when I was tiny and loving his outfit. Very blue and white striped pyjama look as I recall. There was a teddy and Looby Loo too. They lived in a picnic basket which probably explains why one features in my randoms listography a couple of weeks ago.

5. The Flinstones
A couple where the bloke rated himself but the woman was far more intelligent. Need I really explain this one? I was obviously seeing my future lol. Apparently just like Him Indoors Fred was prone to anger over stuff that really did not matter. In a crisis, he always called out for “Wilma” which also sounds very like my marriage. I wish I had a good friend who lived next door to empathise with like Barney’s wife but perhaps blogging does that in this internet age. Also, anything with a pet dinosaur has to be a very good thing.

So there you have it? Why not share your faves of yesteryear?


12 thoughts on “Five Favourite Cartoon Characters From My Youth – Listography

  1. Great list, Mr Benn made my list too! Wacky Races was also on my shortlist, and can’t believe I forgot about the Flintstones, used to love that! 🙂

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