What Do I Do That Makes My Children Laugh?

I asked my 3 children what one thing I do that they find funny.

My 11 year old said “Oh Mum, you do so many funny things it is difficult to focus on one”.

My 7 year old said “When you lift your top up”. I was not going to say this but in view of yesterday’s seven secrets about me post which revealed far more than that, what the hell?

My 6 year old said “When you torture me.”
He is, as you can guess, the most dramatic of my children.

When pushed further, my 11 year old said “Well, if I have to pick just one thing, it is definitely tickle torture”.

You see, you were just about to ring Social Services but no I don’t torture my children but yes, I do have a fine line in tickling sessions.

I worked out early where I could tickle them to best effect. They have very definite tickle spots. I like tickling matches that have you rolling around on the floor, laughing, begging for mercy and so on.

As I thought about it throughout the week, I wondered where this “ability” comes from. Then I remembered my Uncle Lawrence who was always threatening to “marmalize” me. He would do it too and I would giggle lots. All I have done is change the word “marmalize” to “tickle torture”.

Intrigued, I looked up “marmalize” to see if it is a real word. I have only ever heard my Uncle use it. It appears it actually does exist and means “to thrash”.

So whether you want to call it “tickle torture” or “marmalize”, it entertains children of all ages and is affordable, in fact free, in recession hit times.

I am linking this post up to Britmums but also to Little Legacy as I realise that my children find me funny largely down to the most marvellous Uncle that ever was and who sadly they never had the privilege to meet.


Little Legacy is a blog hop run by the incredibly lovely Penny over on the Alexander Residence blog. It encourages us to share special memories. Take a look as there are some very lovely blog posts this week linked up.

So how often do you tickle your children?


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