Posted in December 2011

What Does New Year’s Eve Mean To Me?

What does New Year’s Eve mean to me? Well, in our family it has always meant that it is my mum’s birthday. She was born 3 minutes before the New Year. Today she would be 85 years of age but we lost her 2 years ago. I always struggled with her having her birthday in … Continue reading

Why Is It The Season To Be Jolly?

Why is Christmas called the season to be jolly? Here are my jolly reasons for cheerfulness this week 1. I am spending Christmas exactly as I wish to this year. How often can we say that? This is a very big reason to be jolly. 2. I saw two of my adult stepdaughters and all … Continue reading

The Top Inspirational Mums Of 2011

As bloggers, we know there are some very inspirational Mums out there. Mums who think themselves ordinary but are anything but. Mums who care for children with their individual needs. Mums who also care for people with ill health or disability. Mums who have set up businesses. Mums who study. Mums who work. Mums who … Continue reading

Confessions of a Naughty Girl

It is Monday so after waving off the little darlings to school, I jump on the weighing scales. I was expecting a weight gain. It was my birthday last week and also Him Indoors was off work. Sins or indulgences included several full English breakfasts, cakes, buns, cheesecake, meaty mains, biscuits, copious amounts of booze. … Continue reading

What Am I Grateful For?

Tonight I feel blessed and grateful. Here is a picture that represents that pre-Christmas feeling where everyone is easing up on each other and deciding that love and togetherness is the best policy. My three lovely children often squabble but tonight, they are watching Christmas films all cuddled up together. The house is decorated in … Continue reading