Confessions of a Naughty Girl

It is Monday so after waving off the little darlings to school, I jump on the weighing scales.

I was expecting a weight gain. It was my birthday last week and also Him Indoors was off work. Sins or indulgences included several full English breakfasts, cakes, buns, cheesecake, meaty mains, biscuits, copious amounts of booze. Well it is my birthday and I’ll sin if I want to plus I have a good feeling about Christmas this year so am out to celebrate.

I have put on 2 pounds which I think is amazing considering just how naughty I was last week. All I can think is that the dashing round the shops counted as exercise and stopped it being half a stone gained.

What I really love though is how the weight gain does not threaten me. I am in charge of what I eat and if I want a treat, so be it. It does not make me a failure or weak. It does not make me a bad person. It does not mean I am useless.

The plan for this week is to stick to healthy eating until Christmas Day when all bets are off just for the day.

Thanks again to #groovingmums and #mumentum ladies for all the support on my journey. It is lovely to be entering the New Year having already gone down 3 dress sizes. I have absolutely every intention of more success in 2012.

Here’s hoping you see less of me next week.

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