Are You Up For A Few Festive Mum Challenges?

How about some festive challenges that just might make a real difference to you, yes you the one who keeps getting forgotten about, perhaps especially at this time of year.

What is #groovingmums? It is a mix of fun, therapy and peer support for mums. If you are a mum you can join in and you can read all about it here

Be warned though that #groovingmums has the potential to seriously change your life.

Now for the festive thoughts and challenges.

1. Christmas Lights – Are you hiding your light under a bushel? Have you lost your sparkle? How will you change that? How can you inject a little more colour in your life?

2. Christmas Tree – Real or Fake? Are you putting on a show and trying to be something you are not? Some mad ideal of idealised motherood/womanhood? Are you being true to yourself? How do you want to be?

3. Christmas Cards – What message do you need to give to someone in your life whether in the real world or in cyberspace? What are you waiting for?

4. Christmas Stockings – Is it time you replaced those tired old Bridget Jones pants with something with a little va-va voom?

5. Christmas Meal – How will you nurture yourself over the coming days and into a whole New Year? How will you look after your physical and emotional health? How will you ensure you get enough rest?

6. Christmas Present – What present can you give yourself this year? Perhaps it does not need to be an actual tangible thing. Maybe you need to shift your thinking or feelings?

7. Christmas Cracker – This is the easy one because you already are a cracker. You may feel this or you may have lost sight of it a bit. That’s OK. We all do sometimes and there is a way back.

8. Christmas Spirit – This is the season for giving and there are loads of good causes you can donate to either in terms of hard cash or your time. They do say when we give we feel better too. It is also key to remember that for you to be able to give, you really do need to take care of yourself.

9. Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer – Remember not to write yourself off or let others do the same to you. Remember that Santa chose Rudolf out of all the other reindeer. Someone out there may be thinking you are the best thing ever however hard that is to believe just now. In 2012, they may come knocking on your door with a whole new role for you.

10. Unwrapping the Presents – How about unwrapping a whole new future for yourself by making baby or bigger steps towards a new you? Whether you think you can or you cannot do so, you are right so it makes sense to think that you can and then do it!

It can be done and the #groovingmums are proof of that. We would love you to join us.

If you are already one of the #groovingmums, please let me know the one thing that you think has changed for the better since you joined us. Either leave a comment, tweet me or email me on

I will be posting later wtih details of the #groovingmums, their blogs and you can read what they are doing/have done in recent weeks. They are all truly inspirational.


3 thoughts on “Are You Up For A Few Festive Mum Challenges?

  1. I am beginning to learn the art of perseverance. I usually give up too easily and I’m starting to change that. That is the one most important thing that has changed for the better for me since joining the Groovingmums. A good basis for beginning the new year, full of ideas and enthusiasm for things I CAN do rather than things I should STOP doing. You know how it is at this time of year. Polly x

  2. I’ve found reading other mum’s stories very inspiring. I’ve taken suggestions and ideas from the other grooving mums and applied them to my own life and I’ve found this really helpful. Like shining lights they’ve helped me find my own way!

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