The Top Inspirational Mums Of 2011

As bloggers, we know there are some very inspirational Mums out there. Mums who think themselves ordinary but are anything but. Mums who care for children with their individual needs. Mums who also care for people with ill health or disability. Mums who have set up businesses. Mums who study. Mums who work. Mums who make homes. Mums who are coping with loss. Mums who struggle to balance the family books. It is time we started to celebrate Mums.

Who has inspired me in 2011?

Firstly, there the @Britmums team who really helped me start to value myself a bit more highly this year. They treated my thoughts and feelings with respect. They then gave me the great honour of asking me to speak at Britmums Live. I said yes cos it seemed like ages away and somehow now it seems scarily close but I can do it and will.

Then there is Michelle from Mummy From the Heart at who helped me focus on the positives more often than not in 2011 via her Reasons To Be Cheerful initiative. Thank you Mich.

Then as I was starting to feel bubbles of deciding to proactively change my life, I set up the #groovingmums blog hop to find out if there were others like me out there. Along came women most of whom I had never heard of before with their wonderful and inspirational stories of making positive changes in their lives.

Finally, there are other blogs that just stand out to me as particularly moving or heart-warming. The three that spring immediately to mind out of very many are as follows

This Mum deals with child loss and new life whilst still caring very much for others. Truly inspirational.

I choose this Mum because she takes time to help good causes such as Save The Children. She also moved me when talking about Alzheimers earlier in the year. She is also very free in offering support to other bloggers.

I chose Penny because she is so very warm and for her lovely linky, Little Legacy where she remembers her lovely Mum and encourages us in our own remembrance projects. Also because she acted as the catalyst for me to start the novel I keep talking about but not doing much about.

There are many other wonderful bloggers out there but these are the ones that spring most to mind when I think of the word “inspirational”.

You will have your own choices. Why not write a blog post about them and give them a lovely warm glow for the festive season?

7 thoughts on “The Top Inspirational Mums Of 2011

  1. Thank you,I think you are an inspiration I really do. I’ve been really all over the place this year, the last person to be in charge of a linky, but you’ve kept coming back and leaving lovely comments and linking up the most beautiful posts. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement. I can’t wait to meet and hopefully hear you speak, at Britmums Live!
    Must meet some of these other grooving and inspirational mums in 2012 too!

  2. Awww, truly honoured! Thank you so much for including our humble little blog. SO happy that you enjoyed reading it!
    Keep up the great work in inspiring others to feel positive and joyous!

    Merry Christmas to you and all of your family!

    Kisses from The Kingdom!

  3. Am touched to have made your list. Grooving mums has been really inspiring for me, so thank you for taking the initiative and for all your helpful suggestions along the way. Looking forward to continuing the journey next year….

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