Why Is It The Season To Be Jolly?

Why is Christmas called the season to be jolly?

Here are my jolly reasons for cheerfulness this week

1. I am spending Christmas exactly as I wish to this year. How often can we say that? This is a very big reason to be jolly.

2. I saw two of my adult stepdaughters and all of my step grandchildren this week. We managed it all in one day which was exhausting but there were no cross words and it is lovely to move on from past hurts to a better present and future. It is lovely to give especially when you are pretty confident the selected gifts will bring smiles on Christmas morning.

3. Him Indoors has recently impressed me very much indeed. Opening up, reflecting and taking action. Reminding me of why I fell in love with him in the first place. We have also had a couple of party for two nights getting well and truly into the festive spirit.

4. I have actively enjoyed Christmas shopping this year Have we finished yet? Nope but that is fine. We have enough for a good Christmas and if my boys ever get out of bed, we can go out again and get some little extras.

5. I have just heard that we are selected as official Lego reviewers. My daughter is over the moon and when the boys get themselves out of bed, I am sure they will be thrilled too.

6. Our second Pantomime of the year is booked for the Wednesday after Christmas. Oh Yes, it is!

This year I am lucky and Christmas is going to be great. That is wonderful but I am well aware that not everyone will have a good Christmas this year. Close to home with family members, someone is hurting in a way that we cannot mend. The lack of queues in the supermarkets tells its own sad story of the impact of the economic climate.

My only wise words is to say that bad times always do pass and you just have to keep the faith on that one. If you are blessed with love, laughter and learning, you are on the right lines.

Also, do not try to be perfect. It is fruitless, never works and drives you demented in the the process.

And finally, Christmas Day is just 24 hours. If this year, you can’t have a good one, just tick off the hours until it is all over and then you can start focussing on a much better New Year.

With Christmas love from me to you.

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