How To Guarantee that 2012 Is A Happy New Year

Why do so many New Year Resolutions fail? How can we improve our chances this year?

With the dawn of a New Year, we reflect on what we would like to change. Sadly, research shows that the vast majority of resolutions fail. Not only that but by the time another New Year comes round, people are often in a worse position than when they made that resolution in the first place. More pounds on the weighing scales, less exercise, more cigarettes per day, bigger debts and so it goes on.

Am I trying to bring you down? Not a bit of it because 2011 marks the year when a group of mums found out that it is possible to change lives and to continue to make positive progress in the long-term. We call ourselves the #groovingmums and newcomers to our online club are always very welcome. If you click here you can find out more and how to join in. One of the best resolutions you can make this year but then I would say that.

So how can the #groovingmums promise you a better year in 2012? We are just ordinary (in other words very extraordinary women) making our way through life with all its ups and downs, large and small.

One reason resolutions fail is that they are too ambitious. Grooving Mums help each other to look at what is realistic recognising that sometimes life events gets in the way and that slow, steady progress wins the day. If you join #groovingmums, you can rest assured, you will be praised for all those baby steps towards a different you. You can take a break from participating and we will still be there when you want to engage. It is possibly the most flexible online club on the planet.

Another reason for failed resolutions is assuming that if you change just one thing, your whole life will miraculously become perfect. Er, sorry to disappoint you, but that is just not going to happen by losing weight, managing money better or whatever. There are no perfect lives but things like #groovingmums help you shift your attitude so that you can tackle the shitty stuff life may throw at you determined to move forward whatever happens along the way.

Researchers who know how the brain works say that it is not about focussing on stopping doing stuff but rather on what you will positively do that gives a better chance for reinventing or rediscovering yourself. Grooving Mums encourage you to decide what you will do and then back you up in doing it recognising that this is your individual journey so you are very much the boss.

If you want to see a better you in 2012 and a more fulfilling life, here are some tips.

1. Focus on one key thing to change right now. Grooving Mums find if you make progress in one area, it strengthens you to make other commitments to yourself.

2. Set realistic and specific goals but allow for the fact that sometimes life gets in the way. That is OK. You have a lifetime to move forward positively.

3. Make it an ongoing process every day of your life and keep checking in with yourself how you are doing.

4. Take baby steps. Celebrate every move in the direction of the life you want for yourself.

5. It really helps to feel accountable to somebody or something. Grooving Mums can really help you with this as you have the opportunity to share your progress weekly, including the setbacks. We can all learn from each other. When you are wobbling, it really does help to think that “I had better get my act together as I want to report something good to Grooving Mums”. Having said that, we are not here to judge you negatively and will be with you in those bleak periods where things go wrong.

Ask yourself …

1. What do I want to change?
2. Am I sure I am doing this for me and not just to please others or to live up to some society image of womanhood?
3.What’s the one thing you can do today, right now, towards your goal? That would be joining #groovingmums by the way lol.

As for the #groovingmums in the club (ha ha) so far, 2011 saw us tackling issues such as obesity, relationship problems, post-natal depression and its aftermath, parenting challenges, coping with loss, balancing work and family life, running businesses, running, birth, money problems, finding “me time”, tackling health issues in ourselves and our families, family conflicts and a whole lot more beside. Real women living real lives but having an inner smile even on the bad days knowing we are on an exciting journey.

Some of us lost weight and significant amounts at that.
Some of us changed our style.
Some of us got into exercise in a big way.
Some of us found new work opportunities.
Some of us got involved in volunteering.
Some of us found new courses.
Some of us socialised more.
We all made new friends.
We all felt less isolated.
We all laughed and had fun.
We all accessed support from others.
We all had blips – that is fine.
We all have a lot to celebrate.

Here’s to #groovingmums, those I know already and those who are yet to join us. Have a Very Happy And Groovy New Year!

Oh, did I mention that the very best resolution to make is to join #groovingmums. It is totally free and really does have the potential to help you to change your life. If you don’t believe me, check back in a few days when hopefully, the other #groovingmums will have had their say in the comments section below.

Why not write a blog post about what you are going to proactively change in 2012 and link up below? Or just tell us all about you and why you want to join #groovingmums or already have done so.

Or if you don’t blog, I have set up a Facebook page for you to shout out loud about you and your moves to a more positive life all round.

9 thoughts on “How To Guarantee that 2012 Is A Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you Kate, your family and all the other Grooving Mums. We’ve all had a difficult year for all the reasons mentioned above and we’ve all dealt with it in a variety of ways. Remeber everything is relative to the individual, no matter what the issue is health, money, family, weight it affects us all in different ways and we all have our own coping strategies. Enough now, time to write a post.

  2. A great post (as always) it felt great to read about Grooving Mums again, and I am looking forward to being more proactive with the comments this year. Here’s to a positive 2012 for you and all the Grooving Mums. X

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  4. Love how your post has summed it all up and drawn it all together. I’ve enjoyed being a part of it so far and look forward to making bigger strides in the new year; I feel I was just paddling in the shallows last year, now I know the water isn’t too rough, I’m taking the plunge! Won’t be able to post much for a couple of days, but hope to get back into it with a vengence after that. Happy New Year to all the Groovingmums. In the immortal words of Captain Barnacles, “Let’s do this!”.

    (Erm, might I have been a little too friendly with the vintage port this holiday, do we think? 😉 )

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