What Does New Year’s Eve Mean To Me?

What does New Year’s Eve mean to me?

Well, in our family it has always meant that it is my mum’s birthday. She was born 3 minutes before the New Year. Today she would be 85 years of age but we lost her 2 years ago.

I always struggled with her having her birthday in that limbo period between Christmas and the New Year. Rarely was I organised with her birthday pressie and usually bought it in a last-minute panic. Once I bought her some Body Shop soaps which she saw as a real insult as “You know I only ever use Palmolive”. Once I bought her a massage thing again from the Body Shop and she gave me a look which suggested I had gone totally insane. Terry’s All Gold Chocolates or Tweed perfume were safer bets. Jewellery was also very welcome but only the best you know.

When my Mum started to get her groove back (the more I analyse it, the more I get we share similar journeys), she used to go dancing on her birthday with me stuck home alone.

As a teenager, I started going out with friends on New Year’s Eve on pub crawls in various towns. I never liked how blokes felt they could kiss you on demand on New Year’s Eve. Once, I told a bloke that if he tried to kiss me I would throw his beer over him and his posh leather jacket. Well, he should have listened! My friends thought I was terrible but why should you be pawed just cos it is a certain date?

So quite early on I worked out that me and New Year’s Eve out on the town did not mix. It was not fair to spoil it for friends so I stayed in.

Once I had the idea that it would be good to have some wonderful orgasmic experience just as the New Year came in. I had this image of sexual ecstacy combined with Big Ben (the clock not the cock) making its presence felt. My boyfriend of the time was more concerned with getting on with things and I threw a fit that he misjudged things so everything was over with by 11.45pm.

This year, the new found freedom means I am taking New Year easy. If I stay up late, so be it. If I go to bed early, that is fine too. We are going to release lanterns with the children and I will think of two special souls, my Mum and the little angel the family lost this year.

Happy New Year to you and yours.

With a big thank you to everyone who reads, comments and supports throughout the life and times, 2011 and beyond.

2 thoughts on “What Does New Year’s Eve Mean To Me?

  1. New’s Eve is always bitter sweet. I had my first date on a New Year’s Eve so I’ll always have that sweet memory. Do rest up tomorrow. Happy New Year!

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