Posted in January 2012

What Are The Baby Steps To Changing Your Life?

Changing your life is possible but sometimes you have to ease up on yourself and take baby steps along the way. Every Tuesday, I encourage mums to write up a blog post during the forthcoming week to say what they are doing to make their lives that bit more fun and fulfilled.  We call it … Continue reading


Win A Hamper Of Divine Chocolate – Competition

Give your Valentine a Divine Experience!   Looking for the perfect excuse to shower your loved one with all that is gorgeous this Valentine’s Day? Well there are few options more gorgeous than the chocolate goodies from Divine and this year they’ve added  a new line to their Valentine’s Day range.   Divine Chocolate has … Continue reading

Challenging Day And A Flagging Groovy Mum

I am not having the best of days.  I am feeling undervalued, taken for granted and a little abused. After having 2 nights away with work this week,  Him Indoors announced this morning that he would be going in to work again as they are relocating offices. They have a removal firm but nope, Superman … Continue reading

Am I Getting My Groove Back This Week?

Here is my weekly update on how I am doing on the reviving my life front. 1. My provisional driving licence has not arrived from the DVLA.   They are obviously as sure as I am that Iwill never learn to drive and are avoiding sending me at all costs. Either that or Him Indoors is … Continue reading

Why Am I Struggling?

I keep putting off writing this post.  It is great to report good news on the weight loss front. I can’t do that this week. Despite good intentions, I can’t seem to get msyelf back into my healthy eating routine.  Last year, I found it easy and saw the weight drop off.  Since my birthday … Continue reading