What Are My Skills and Experiences?

For the first time in nearly 3 years, I completed a job application today. Imagine that! Is this part of me getting my groove back?

It is a job that I could do stood on my head. Not that I can stand on my head but you know what I mean. Will I get it or even get an interview? Very probably not due to the fact I will not get the best reference from my last employer. Will they take into account that I was not functioning at best during that last short-term job as my Mum was terminally ill? Will they look at how the targets of the project were never realistic anyway? I very much doubt it.

However, what the experience of completing the application brought home to me was that it is 20 years since I got my first proper job.

As I am a Groovy Mum or one in the making anyway, I have decided to sell myself on here. You never know who might be watching. Also, I have decided that despite often feeling like a fat and useless blob over the last few years, I do have some fairly impressive skills and experiences. All I need to do now is find someone who wants them.

So here is what I have done/can do. A working life review if you like.

1. I have advised members of the public on issues such as debt, welfare benefits, housing, employment and relationship matters.

2. I have negotiated with third parties (creditors, landlords, employers, government agencies) on clients’ behalf.

3. I have represented clients at court and tribunal hearings. The most satisfying cases were the ones where I saved someone’s house or got them a backdated cheque for unpaid benefits.

4. I have devised public relations strategies for a number of organisations.

5. I have given talks on a wide range of topics and to diverse audiences.

6. I have written advice columns.

7. I have promoted the goods, concepts and volunteering opportunities within charity shops.

8. I have gained significant media coverage in newspapers, magazines and newsletters.

9. I have given interviews on radio and television.

10. I have organised a Fashion Show for a charity.

11. I have promoted volunteering and active citizenship in cities, towns and villages.

12. I have organised events to recognise the social and economic value of volunteers.

13. I have linked potential volunteers with volunteering opportunities in a wide range of public and third sector settings.

14. I have organised several charity fairs.

15. I have organised several craft fairs.

16. I have promoted the concept of Action Learning as a tool of personal, professional and organisational development.

17. I have organised on-going Action Learning Sets (groups) for the voluntary sector and also some multi-sector groups.

18. I have contributed content for websites.

19. I have written a guide to Action Learning. It even has an ISBN number!

20. I have organised 3 big conferences with venues such as a sports stadium, a private prison and a tourist attraction.

21. I have brought together players from the private, public and voluntary sector looking at how they can share resources and work effectively together whilst breaking down cultural dissonance.

22. I have established a e-bulletin that is valued in the criminal justice sector to this day.

23. I have raised funds from trust and the corporate sector.

24. I have acted a a trustee of a women’s refuge

25. I have delivered training on issues such as law, government policy, media relations, volunteering and learning tools.

26. I have recruited, trained, supervised and supported volunteers in a variety of settings.

27. I have published a local magazine for mums.

28. I have written reviews of goods and services.

29. I have blogged.

So I guess number 30 has to be ….

what next?

I hope I don’t get a load of flack for blowing my own trumpet. It is just I think sometimes it is necessary if only to convince ourselves that we are worthwhile. In the midst of housework and parenting, it is so easy to lose sight of what we are capable of out in the big bad world.

Well, there you are, I am throwing down a gauntlet of sorts.

Sending a message to the universe in the belief that good things will come.

Watch this space and I will report back on how the cosmic ordering goes.

Why not actually sit down yourself and really look at what you have in that skills bank? Probably far more than you feel on a daily basis. Here’s to me, here’s to us!

Do I press publish? Hell, why not?

Oh and off the off chance you have something for me, do check out my “How To Contact Me” page.

14 thoughts on “What Are My Skills and Experiences?

  1. Good Lord woman you’re a whirlwind, I’m positively exhausted after reading that lot! Brilliant idea and I am with you all the way on blowing your own trumpet.
    Very best of luck to you May the cosmos be with you 🙂

  2. Wow, I feel quite inadequate now. You truly do seem like an amzing woman, everything you have done is to help others. You have done so much and I am sure you will get employment soon as someone will see how good you are despite what a past employer might say.

    Here’s hoping that something really good comes your way soon. X

  3. I too am with you too on blowing your own trumpet and you certainly have a lot to blow it aboiut – you are one very skilled woman. I know I have been really rubbish but I have not forgotten about those links I promised you – I had to take a step back from a lot of things towards Christmas and am just getting back into things. When I was out of work and couldnt find anything I looked at job sites, found jobs I thought I could do and just sent my CV off via email to as many companies as possible. I did 20 a week and it lead to 3 interviews and 1 contract for regular work. It was a lot of leg work as I think I sent my CV out over 100 times but having said that it got me work. My disadvantage however was 1) my choosen career and 2) my location and the need to be home-based so if you can offer time in an office then you might get a higher hit rate. Good luck – also have you joined Linked-In, my husband has just got a job through there x

  4. I am pretty sure that with that kind of resume, once people know that you are back on the market, they will be beating down your door.

    I face a different kind of work dilema – having been a stay at home Mum for many years, when I went back to work I retrained so that I could work with children – it’s what I always wanted to do, but somehow I ended up as an auditor and then credit control manager. It was a big step to venture into what I wanted to do as opposed to what I have always done before. However I did the training and positively thrived on the job, and most people seemed to look to me for advice on their children and liked my common sense attitude – well I’ve been a Mum for 21 years as well, it kinda came naturally…lol

    Anyway, the dilema comes in because now I have moved from the UK to the US, it would seem that my hard earned credentials in childcare aren’t worth squat here and if I want to carry on working with children I will need to retrain again – and relearn everything I already know. It’s actually quite depressing really if I sit and think about it – so I try not to, and have decided to cross that bridge once my green card comes through in around 4 months time – until then I am looking into doing some volunteer work to keep myself busy and stop my brain from turning to mush.

    I truly, wish you every success in your journey back to work, and am sure that you will find yourself a good fit job – with those skills, how could you not!

    Lou 🙂

  5. What a great idea to sit and list all your achievements and experience. You have stacks and have clearly done a lot of good things! I often fall into the trap of thinking I couldn’t do the jobs I see advertised when actually I could. So much of what holds us back is in our heads.

    Good luck with it all – I hope you get a fantastic job opportunity doing something you love!

  6. Wow thats some amazing experience i love the idea of cosmic ordering as things always happen for a reason. I think with all that experience some one will snap you up, you could easily work for your self did you manage to look into become a mumprenuer it may inspire you.
    I have been wondering for ages what to do with my skills maybe i should try my own cosmic ordering and blog my skills awsome idea xx

  7. WOW! Check you out! You have some AMAZING skills up there. If I had a job, I’d give you if just frm that. Good luck in your search. I’m sure you will find something as extraordinary as your qualifications

  8. Wow! Amazing set of skills and experience. No wonder you set up #groovymums, it fits perfectly. Good luck with the job hunting, I hope the universe unfolds for you as it should and presents you with several opportunities in the not too distant future. Best of luck. Polly x

  9. Very impressive how you managed to orgnaized you skills. Some times it takes a lot of thinking to know exactly how to nail those down. Congrats you did it. Good luck in your search. Glad you pushed the publish button and shared, Malika

  10. What an impressive list. If I was an employer I would definitely sit up and take notice of your CV. It can be really hard when you’ve been out of the workplace a while but your list proves that life experiences can prove as valuable as work experience. Good luck with the search and I hope you find something fabulous.

  11. That is some list and you should be proud of it. Sometimes it can be difficult to sell yourself in a job application or interview but sometimes have to just get over it and blow you own trumpet. See yourself as you hope others see you, I find this helps me.

  12. Just found this from your About page and I’m impressed too. Congrats on posting it – you can now add brave to your list of attributes! I sincerely hope it led/leads to you getting a role that you are happy with.

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