How I Am Getting My Groove Back (Or Trying To Anyway)

I am trying to change my life for the better in small and big ways. How is it going this week?

1. I have finally sent off my application for a provisional driving licence. I sort of knew that if I did not post it, I would not have to book driving lessons. How’s that for self-sabotage? I live in a rural area and with the children in school, I now do have some time to spare. One Groovy Mum (thanks Polly) seems very clear that driving would transform my life so step one is accomplished. Well done me!

2. I went to an Open Evening at the local Voluntary Centre last night. It was a very cold day and I almost used that as an excuse not to bother. I had asked Him Indoors to take the afternoon of work to enable me to attend the event. I actually did this because I knew if I had inconvenienced him to that extent, I would feel morally bound to turn up. I have not felt so young for years as most of the potential volunteers were aged over 70. Most people seemed to know each other whereas I knew not a soul. This is always daunting. I am not one of those people who is very comfy in the stand around and chat scenario with strangers. If I have a role or a purpose, I get over that shyness but when it is “just Kate”, I struggle In fact, I did introduce myself but when asked “From?”, I did not know what to say. I am used to giving a job title but I don’t have one now. Or did they mean which village I lived in? Aaarrgh! I was then asked what I do and could not think of the correct answer again. Tear my hair out a lot, go slowly insane, blog a lot? Everything that came out of my mouth seems like the wrong thing to say. I made an escape trip to the loo when it all got too much. Anyway, on the positive side, I did speak to several people and asked vaguely intelligent questions. There are opportunities that I could do so I have brought the information pack and will pursue some of them. Another bonus was that I had a hour of Him Indoor’s company and we went for a drink whilst waiting for our takeaway.

3. I have invested in a trampoline so that I can have an alternative for exercise as well as the Wii Fit and the walking. I need to up my game on all getting fit fronts. I am finding it tough to make a fresh start after Christmas. I think this might be because I have had children home fairly continuously with illness since the school opened up again.

4. I am also struggling to get back into the healthy eating routine. I have made a start but I am not happy with how I keep giving in to temptation. Once again, I think being housebound with sick children has not helped on this front.

5. I have started to say yes to opportunities. I may well have some exciting news for you all next week please God. Watch this space!

6. I did something daft this week and bought myself 5 new coats. A woman was selling them on Netmums and I just thought it would be very groovy to have a different coat for every day of the week in different colours too. It might even force me out of the door for those walks I keep promising to do everyday.

7. I talked loud and proud about my work achievements in the past on this blog. I understand this has inspired other bloggers to do the same which is lovely to hear.

8. I applied for a job. I don’t necessarily want it as it would mean a silly commute but it felt good to put myself out there again. I don’t expect to get an interview either but it was more about making a move forward if that makes any sort of dumb sense at all.

In the midst of this, I have cared for 3 sick children and one permanently ill husband. I have enjoyed my Dad’s company and got him all set up with a printer and scanner.

Grooving whilst caring for others can be done.

If you want to join me and some other lovely mums in making changes, check out this

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5 thoughts on “How I Am Getting My Groove Back (Or Trying To Anyway)

  1. Great stuff! I’m not very good at the standing around and chatting thing either so I completely understand your discomfort. You are very brave for just turning up, I think. Bit rude of people to ask “from?” like that, unless they thought you were one of the people there to recruit volunteers. Let me know if you get on with the trampoline. I can’t use ours (the little man’s) as I get inexplicably travel sick. LOVE the idea of saying yes to new opportunities. Who knows where that will lead! Can’t wait to hear your good news. Can’t you DM me just a little clue? Polly x

  2. Well done you, especially with a house full of sickness. I hope they are all feeling better soon. We bought a trampoline for the kids but it is fab for exercising on! Just remember those pelvic floors when you’re on it though!! Good luck with your driving! I remember having to sit my test and I’m so glad I did and have the freedom to just get in the car and go!

  3. It sounds like you’ve had a great week. Well done you for getting started on the driving mission. I am sure you’ll love the freedom that driving can give you. (As well as eventually becoming a taxi service for your kids!). The five coats sound splendid. I love the idea of a different coat for every day of the week. Your post on your achievements really made me think about my own life cv, so thank you for sharing that too. x

  4. What a great week! It sounds like you’ve been a-grooving apace.

    I’m really pleased to hear about you sending off your driving license application. Although it’s a bit of a slog to learn how to drive, it offers the most wonderful sense of freedom, and (most importantly I think) the ability to escape from the day to day at a moment’s notice.

    New places and experiences will open up to you, I’m sure of it.

    By the way, 5 coats sound fabulous!!!

  5. WOW KAte youve had a busy few weeks, getting out is hard, meeting new people that you feel you have nothing in common with, bet most of them feel the same way, go a few more times and soon you’ll look all established when the next newbie walks in.
    I sort of thought everyone had their driving licence these days..what a challenge ahead. speak with @sclubbethan shes recently passed her test and i know a few others that have taken the one week intensive course to help them

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