A Brand New Linky – Blog 101 – Share The Things That Annoy You.

Have you seen Room 100 on the television where celebrities try to persuade the host to condemn their hated things?

As a person who regularly gets frustrated by all sorts of things, I thought Blog 101 might be a good idea as a linky where bloggers can dump all those things that really get to them.

Here is the idea and the guidelines.

1.  You are encouraged to write a blog post about one or more things that wind you up.  That is things not people!

2.  You link up here.

3. I  will promote your blog post on Twitter, Facebook etc.

4. You and I feel better for getting it all out of our system and see the undesirable thing hurtling through cyberspace into Blog 101.

Of course, something in particular gave me the idea to set this linky up.  I will add a couple of others just to give you the idea.

Here are the things I want to send to Blog 101.

1. Resealable packets.   In theory, these are a very good thing in terms of keeping things fresh.   However, I find when you open them, you either find that you can’t get at the food item at all or you destroy the tiny millimetre of packet that will actually reseal.  In my house,  this leads to conflict with Him Indoors who thinks such anal things are a very good thing and pays more for them.

2. Money Boxes that can be opened by children.  I think it is a very good thing to make children aware of the value of money.  I also like to encourage them to save.  Over the years, my children have had so many money boxes but tend to empty them on a whim.  I have just come across the marvellous invention of a money box that children cannot open.  Inspired and one of the very best Christmas pressies this year from my point of view.

3.  Pictures that you buy that you can’t hang up immediately.  I regularly buy prints and paintings. I get so very frustrated when you can’t hang them on the wall straightaway.  What on Earth is the point in a work of art if you aren’t going to put it on a wall.  Therefore, they should come wall-ready with a string or whatever on the back.  Grrrr!

I hope that gives you the idea and that you fancy joining in.   I will post every Friday with a linky.

Surely I am not the only one who finds myself getting stressed out by random things?

You can now imagine me spending the next week with a little notebook so I can record all those nasty things ready for next week’s post.

Join Me?

Blog and link up by clicking here

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4 thoughts on “A Brand New Linky – Blog 101 – Share The Things That Annoy You.

  1. It annoys me that the shampoo direction say, “Rinse and reapeat.” I want to know “repeat” what? and how many more times? Come on, now! By the time some one can read, I hope they already know how to shampoo their hair.
    How about going to Bed Bath and BEYOND? The few times I’ve gone, I have never found a spot labeled BEYOND. BEYOND what? Is that a warning of some kind? It kind of scares the bejeebers out of me. What if it is part of the Twilight Zone?
    This is really big. You can save money @ Walmart, if you don’t mind bumping into long lines with overstimulated people. Get this- the same cereal in nearly duplicate boxes have something very different from the same cereal I by at King Soopers. Check the nutrion part. From King Soopers on a box of multi-grain cheerios has 100% of many nutrients. Wlamart’s box of Multigranin Cheerios has only 25% of the same nutrients. It looks like WalMart prouct in this case really is “cheaper”. Cheaper as denoting “lack of quality”.

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