What Makes The Weight Loss Journey Easier?

Last week, I posted about how after weight loss success in 2011, I was finding it so tough to get back on track in 2012.  I had so many lovely comments full of support, tips and advice.

One of the ones that made a lot of difference was Liska’s who runs the peer support blog hop #mumentum for mothers trying to lose their mummy tummies over on the New Mum Online blog.  It made me smile and it made me believe in myself all over again.

Things are back on track and as I have said before it is so much about getting the right mindset which can’t really be forced but whatever you all said last week seems to have sorted out mine.

So here are some little things that I find help me.  I am sharing them in the hope that they help others.

1. Porridge for breakfast fills me up well into the afternoon.  I am currently having it with cinnamon which is one of my fave tastes so it feels like a real treat.

2. You will have some healthy foods that you do actually enjoy.  Make sure you feature them lots in your weekly meals.  It helps combat any idea that you are depriving yourself.

3.  I find soups are marvellous as there are tastes to suit everyone and they are so low calorie usually.

4.  I use Weightwatchers bread as it can be as little as half the calories of ordinary bread.  That can make a real difference.

5.  Saying no and realising that people will not get overly upset so long as you explain why you don’t want to eat something.

6.  Boiled egg and soldiers is a lovely meal at anytime of day and also makes you get that thrill of playing at being a child again.

7.  When I want a quick main meal, Weightwatchers have a lovely wide range.

8.   Smoked salmon trimmings are affordable and feel like a treat but one you can have all the time.

9. Cutting out alcohol or at least reducing the intake makes a big difference.

10. Don’t be chained to the weighing scales.  This week, I don’t want to get weighed and am thinking of leaving it for a month to see a big difference then.

If you want to find out how others mums are getting on and to pick up their advice, check out the New Mum Online blog by clicking here http://newmumonline.blogspot.com/2012/01/mumentum-monday-blog-hop-for-mums_29.html


5 thoughts on “What Makes The Weight Loss Journey Easier?

  1. Good advice there. I’m glad you’ve got your motivation back. I’d also like to be able to weigh myself once a month and get a nice surprise but I could never do it. I even have a quick jump on the scales before I get into bed at night as a preview of what might be showing in the morning – terrible I know.

  2. I have over a stone and a half to lose as I’ve been so bad recently. I’ve had no motivation to get up and do it. I also struggle with portion sizes so the little meal ideas is definitely good advice. My whole family are on Slimming World which doesn’t ese the pressure to lose weight. I need to for health reasons. Thanks for sharing and good luck you can do it xx

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