Posted in January 2012

How Am I Taking On Challenges?

How am I doing with the Groovy Mum challenges this week? 1. Body – How are you sleeping? Do you qualify as sleep-deprived? Are you a mum to a baby who just isn’t sleeping through yet? What toll is that taking? Do you have older children creeping into bed with you? What does your bed … Continue reading

Are Sisters Doing It For Themselves?

What do I think to the Britmums prompt this week?  Here it is … Sisterhood…how can we celebrate sisterhood in the blogging community? Is it possible, as women, to “stop slagging off our sisters” and encourage differences? What would you like to see from the blogging community in terms of attitude, support and belonging? How … Continue reading

What Are My Five Fave Biscuits? – Listography

This post should get the tastebuds jangling. Listography has become a bit of a Saturday habit and I actually found myself chasing up Kate at Kate Takes 5 yesterday wondering where the prompt was yesterday.  Well, as all bloggers should do from time to time, Kate was having a life yesterday.  Quite right too but … Continue reading

Review Of Oatburst – A Great Winter Warmer

Are you finding it really cold this week?  The sort of cold where your fingers actually hurt?  The type of weather that makes you crave comfort food. I was just thinking that porridge was required when the people at Oatburst sent me one of their winter warming pots to review. Now as a porridge fan, … Continue reading