Who Am I?

You would think it would be easy for me to describe myself.  However, faced with writing an “About Me” page for this blog, I wonder what to say.  It is all a little confusing.

I am apparently English but have no English blood.

People would think I was born in the North but I am actually an Essex girl of sorts.

I was brought up largely as an only child but do have brothers.

I have two sets of parents so we can get into a whole debate about nurture and nature.

I also have a set of “unofficial” siblings who I have yet to meet.

I am a Roman Catholic who lapsed but is thinking about returning to the fold.

I had a very inadequate education and then a very special one.

Some would define me as a lawyer yet I have never practised Law.

I parented children a few years ago but they were not mine.

Some people call me “Grandma” but I have no grandchildren.

I am a mum although often think I don’t really deserve the accolade that title implies.

I used to be praised for cleanliness and tidiness but my house might suggest the opposite.

I have step-children but have no idea how they see me really.  Stepmum, friend, sparring partner, enemy, the one who took Daddy away?

Some would say I am “exceptionally bright” yet I can be really dense and lacking in common sense.

I really value women but struggle to connect and make friends in real life.

I am often called confident and yet can quake in the most simple situations.

I lack courage and yet I have walked on fire (literally and metaphorically).

I am married but still jump out of my skin when people refer to me as Mrs.

People might say I am a carer and yet I don’t think I do much on that score really.

I try to save money by buying second-hand but then buy so much, it is hardly being frugal.

I am a meat-eater who actually does not like meat very much.

I cook well but was always told “She’s no cook!”

I don’t stick to one type of book, play,music or whatever but I do have favourites.

Sometimes I like myself immensely (almost arrogantly) and then on other occasions can talk myself down a lot.

I am shy but then have moments where I act the opposite like taking part in a boudoir photography session.

As I said before, it is all very confusing.

I look at my Curriculum Vitae and it looks vaguely impressive (went to Cambridge, has managed projects, that type of thing) and yet it does not feel like me.  However, there are no lies on there.  How can I be disconnected from part of who I am?

I love to write.  I like to promote things.  I am passionate.  I care about others.  I am cross a lot of the time at the position of women in society.  I can be moody with huge highs and deep lows. I tell and show my children every day that I love them.  I am actually quite boring but I have an exciting inner world.

I have no idea of how to write an “About Me” page in a way that is true, meaningful and useful.

Where do I start?








6 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. I think that sounds like a perfect “about me” page. I hate writing that kind of thing but what you have done, in a self deprecating fashion, is create a great mental picture. You don’t need a label so don’t make one.

    You’re Kate, and you’re great.

  2. I can empathise with a lot of these points. I feel like I’m constantly slipping in & out of being what I’d like to be, what I think I am & what I hate. I have no idea who I really am!

    You are an intelligent & remarkable woman, Kate, & I think that, without arrogance you know this, but you also know compassion & modesty, which makes for good – whoever you are!

    In my opinion (& I could be wrong) I believe it is not what we do that defines us – that simply illustrates the choices that we have made along the way – but how we feel & what we give. Life is full of contradictions & oxymorons, so why should we be any different? It’s boring to be straightforward.

  3. You just wrote it Kate 🙂 that was perfect and so honest newcomers are bound to feel like they know about you and know nothing. But they will keep coming back for more in order to get to know you 🙂 well done xx

  4. What an in-depth, honest About Me post. I’m not sure I’d even be able to start writing something like that – I’ve probably just never had that level of introspection. Is that a good thing?

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