What Sort Of Bargains Can You Find On Netmums?

I love bargain-hunting and Netmums is a fabulous source of low-cost and amazingly diverse items too.

Him Indoors know that he is to keep well away from other women unless they are selling something at which point he is dispatched whether the vendor is a blonde babe or a brunette goddess. I send him hither and thither on my endless quest to fill my house with lovely things known as clutter to the uninitiated.

I did ask the measurements of these pictures but both of us were surprised at just how large they are. I have never being good at inches and all that which is sometimes an advantage and sometimes not so.

Whatever, I love my new pictures and the price of a tenner.

There are some great bundles of children’s clothing available regularly on Netmums, usually for babies and toddlers but also sometimes for school-age children. A grey bin liner or rather its contents can make a girl very happy. £30 for six pairs of shoes, numerous skirts, dresses, coats, t-shirts, cardigans, sweaters, scarves and leg-warmers.

And finally as they say, even the cat is happy with one of my latest Netmums acquisitions.

I am linking this post up to Magpie Monday on the Me and My Shadow blog where the rather wonderful Liz celebrates second-hand finds with bargain-hunters old and new.

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