Missing You

I miss your wild hair. Untamed.

Your lovely heart-shaped face with its little pointy chin and perfect skin.

I yearn to see your eyes again. Those special jewels that were of a colour never seen before or since. I want them to look at me and sparkle with that sense of mischief and minxiness.

I remember how you used to get so excited that your eyes would go on journeys and your arms would flap like a little bird.

If I try really hard, I can hear your voice talking about fairies and all those magical things that were very real to you. The other world. You always seemed so close to it.

It makes me smile when I recall how you used to be so disparaging about boys of the little and grown-up variety. Sometimes, you would write down your views on the male of the species in language that made me laugh although as a good Mummy, I should have perhaps scolded you.

You had a great attitude to life always turning the slightest occasion into an excuse for a party. I never needed to spend much money on you as you were delighted with any effort I made.

So self-sufficient, you did not worry what others thought about you. I used to envy that quality in you.

You did not struggle with anything at school but excelled in all things arts and crafts. I never thought I would say it but I heartily miss picking endless pieces of paper and other arty paraphenalia off the floor.

Most of all, I miss my very best friend, hearing “I love you Mummy” over and over and snuggling up safe and warm. Together.

To my angel and my princess. To my daughter. What a privilege that you were sent to me.

This post is in response to the Creative Writing Prompt over on http://www.iamtypecast.com/2012/02/dosomethingyummy-link-up-week-1.html
and it is in support of the CLIC Sargent Yummy Mummy initiative which you can read more about here http://www.yummymummy.org.uk/

7 thoughts on “Missing You

  1. I’ve read this 4x in last two days, it’s beautiful and easily causes me to draw a tear. She sounds a wonderful person and a joy to have as a daughter! The love of a proud mum really shines through and I think this is one of the most touching set of words I’ve read in a very long time. Clairelouise.x

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