Which Is Your Favourite Mug?

The first thing I want to say because apparently I talk in manifestos is that I always drink out of a mug and don’t understand the point of cups at all.

I am not one who fancies those bone china mugs either. Mine are of the solid and chunky variety.

I have far too many mugs due to two recent events at which my children kept winning them.

However, here are my 5 that may or may not say something about me.

This one was bought as it made me laugh seeing as how I run the Groovy Mums blog hop. This is the blog hop that can really claim to change your life. Read all about it by clicking https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/ What do you reckon? Am I the world’s grooviest chick?

This one arrived this week for what should be fairly obvious reasons.

This one was left as a pressie for us when we moved in. It says “I am not bossy. I just have better ideas” It is too small and posh for my liking but I like the sentiment.

This is one that amuses me and I am leaving you to guess what the other side says. The side you can see says “Just not that old!”

Finally, there is my very favourite mug of all time. It was bought in France and was a curvy shape in a lovely blue glaze. It had the word Madamoiselle on it and I loved it to bits. The problem was that a college friend dropped it in 1987. He promised to replace it but never did. I intend to bring this up at the college reunion this year now that Listography has reminded me of my sad loss.

If you would like to see a shot of my mug, click here https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/who-is-kate-and-why-is-she-on-thin-ice/

Now go thee forth to the Kate Takes 5 blog because if you don’t, you are a real mug. Click here http://katetakes5.blogspot.com/2012/02/listography-mugs.html

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