How Is The Battle To Lose Weight Going?

It is important to post about my weight loss journey even on the bad weeks. Overall, it helps to keep me on track.

I have not had the greatest week. I think when you are months into the weight loss thing, it can get a bit boring.

When bored in whatever way, it is so easy to eat all the fattening foods. I have also over-induldged on the booze front which tends to lead to low moods.

However, there is a commitment to do better and to forgive myself when I have a blip week

I have done a big internet shop buying in lots of very good food in terms of fruit, vegetables and other healthy meal alternatives. This is good as it will stop me being tempted when out and about with my Dad at the supermarket. Knowing I have full fridges, freezers and cupboards will stop me making daft purchases.

I still can’t seem to nail the exercise thing. I want to make it a habit as it will help me get out more and also is reputed to give you a surge of those feel-good endorphin type things which I can certainly do with.

How do you change from couch potato to exercise babe?

These days, I don’t get down-hearted by falling off the wagon on the healthy eating for a while as I know this is a long-haul journey and will succeed in the end. It is still also important to note all the weight lost so far and baggy trousers.

Which leads to me another point. How come since I have lost weight every item of clothing I fancy in the charity shop is a size 20 or above? Who said life was fair?

For mums who are jogging along in an attempt to lose their mum tums, check out #mumentum on the New Mum Online blog. Read all about it by clicking here


3 thoughts on “How Is The Battle To Lose Weight Going?

  1. I haven’t nailed exercise either 😦
    crazy as I taught yoga for 6 years and until 38 weeks pregnant…
    Haven’t struck a pose since Aaron was born 😦
    Liska xx

  2. Well done you on forgiivng yourself for a bad week, very important to be realistic.

    For me the exercise has started to work since I changed to somethign I never thought I would. I get up on weekdays at 6am and exercise before the kids wake for about 45 minutes. I am loving it. Never thought I would say that,

    Mich x

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