How’s Things?

I am trying to get a sense of personal revival back. As I know that working together works well for me and others, I encourage other mums to get involved in the quest to find themselves. It is all about taking a little control of your own life and shaking things up a bit.

How is it going for me this week?

1. I have still not made the telephone call about driving lessons which is so very self-sabotaging. I need a kick up the bum so please provide one.

2. I quite fancy going for a walk on my own in the sunshine. However, I won’t because I think I am too responsible in some ways. My children are here. Their Dad has taken time off work today and yet, I won’t allow myself half a hour’s slack. What is that about?

3. I have signed up to the Mumpreneur online course and also invested in “Home-based Business for Dummies”. It is glaringly obvious that the best working life for me would be to paddle my own canoe. Maybe this is a start?

4. I decided what I wanted to do on Saturday (lunch out, shopping, cinema) and did it. The previous Friday, I also went to the theatre to see Macbeth with my son. These are huge moves for me, deciding what I want to do and then making it happen.

5. I am to meet with representatives of the Joe Bingley Memorial Foundation to find out if and how I might help.

6. My Britmums role is going well with some lovely feedback. I did make a mistake with it last week but I tackled the issue professionally which reminded me that I have not lost all my skills.

7. I got a telephone call from the local Voluntary and Community Services centre. My Dad brought the telephone in from the annexe and it was such a bad line. I could work out who it was and that I wanted to impress them but that is difficult when you have an atrocious line. Apparently, it was because Dad’s phone thing will only have good reception within 100 yards of something. However, I am a technophobe so could not work that out. We tried to communicate to no avail and she said she would ring back. Add to that 3 children getting their teas whilst fighting off the chocolate labrador who had got into the room. Aaargh! Then she said she would try again in half a hour. Typical, this was going to be in the middle of my steak dinner lovingly prepared by Him Indoors. It did, however, allow me to clear the room of various children and other animals. When she rang back, I used my own handset and the line was crystal clear as was her message. “We want to invite you to be a Trustee. We are blown away by your skills and experiences. We consider ourselves very lucky indeed to have you on board”. I did try to get over to her that I am a stay at home Mum who does not quite live up to my CV despite what it says but she would have none of it.

Although that is far from a 100 per cent record on getting my groove back, I think there are steps in the right direction.

If you would like to have a go at shaking things up for yourself a bit, read this

Also, do you think it would be best for me to post a challenge per day or to list them all at once? I am concerned the challenges list is a bit daunting to anyone who is new to all this despite me always saying they are optional. What do you think? There that will do as a Mind Challenge for this week. How should Groovy Mums change and develop?

You can answer that in a comment, tweet or via email to

Don’t forget to leave a supportive comment too as it helps me to focus on continuing this rather exciting journey towards a whole new me.

14 thoughts on “How’s Things?

  1. Excellent post! You are doing amazingly well
    Despite not being as aware of it as your readers are 🙂 congrats on the trustee post, you certainly are a grooving mum and look forward to reading how it all goes! Inspirational person!

  2. I think the challenges should focus on the positive as a way of sharing how a situation/issue has been over come. For example, name something you’ve struggled with this week…what did you do to over come it? If you didnt over come the problem what help/support/guidance would you like? And what would you do differently next time? This way people can share, problem solve and ask for help.
    This should be a standard part every week…. Then add to that a fun challenge…do something out of the norm…be it have a go a baking or sewing…challenge people to post a picture of a bargain, try to drop a certain word into a conversation as many times as possible ie pineapple….share a household tip.
    Things that are fun and focus on making ourselves and others smile more.

  3. I like Suzanne’s idea of a fun challenge each week, that would be very motivating. I think I am coming out of my own fog now so hope to put something together and rejoin the land of the living soon. Will try to catch up but I’ve missed so much!

  4. The mumprenuer will do you good im doing this and really helps to focus and gain ideas. I was really nervous about driving too but its one of the best things i ever did, pick up that phone and book those lessons it will change your life.
    I think one post still with the challenges on for grooving mums as daily may be a bit much, maybe then mums choose which one to focus on out of the list.
    Take care xx

  5. Big thumbs up for the trustee position, your Britmums work and signing up to the Mumpreneur course. Now, on the subject of the driving lessons, I implore you. Kate, learning to drive WILL change your life. It will give you independence, freedom, the ability to go out and get some time alone – just on a whim, because you fancy it, without having to rely on others. I honestly think you won’t look back. Please, please ..pick up the phone and make that call. I am 100% sure you won’t regret it. x

  6. Bloody hell Kate, well done! Despite your supposed ‘not 100% record’ I am hugely impressed & congratulations on number 7! You seem to be taking leaps & bounds, even if you don’t notice it yourself. As for driving lessons – I am in the same boat. I can drive, but I haven’t passed my theory & money is the main thing holding me back. If you learn to drive then I will! How’s that for a bargain? Take time to yourself when you can – I am regrettign not doing so this week & it’s made me feel low & resentful which is not good at all. Despite the worries you will appreciate it.

  7. Congrats on the trustee thing, sounds brilliant!

    Re learning to drive, I hated having lessons (because I was ill at that time – well ill-er – and it was really tiring), but it was worth it once I passed my test. The sooner you start them, the sooner it will all be over and you will be able to drive and never have to have lessons again – fingers crossed!

  8. Kate you really seem to be doing so well, congratulations on the trustee thing. As for not doing 100% I think you have far exceeded that, you are doing so much for you, which is what it is all about.

    Driving is really the best thing you can do, yes its hard and takes time but once I had learnt to drive I suddenly had some of my own independace and could go where I wanted when I wanted and not have to rely on others.

    I like the idea of a fun challenge each week, and also sharing things. I have liked your questions recently as it has mad me think, but I am not sure if they are helping me find my groove (but that could well be where I am at the moment!). If its possible differnt things to think about or do would be great. However I think just having the linky each week is great and a way for us to actually think what we have done in the past week that has been ‘groovy’.

  9. there is another option and that is you ask people to link up each week with one of the suggestions i made which is what has challenged you this week and how/if did you overcome it and share how with other groovy mums

    • I like this idea, although I wouldn’t have a challenge to post about every week (aren’t I lucky!). Really like your other suggestion, Suzanne, about a fun challenge each week. I have visions of you dropping the word “pineapple” into your conversations to puzzled expressions! 🙂

  10. I’m impressed with your achievements this week! Don’t beat yourself up about the 1 thing not done – focus on the rest.

    As for groovy mums, I think you always made it abundantly clear that the challenges were optional. I liked that I didn’t feel under pressure to perform a list of tasks, I could just look to see what was relevant to keep me motivated or just to make me smile. And yes, I think I could enjoy the challenge of dropping (eg) “pineapple” into a conversation….

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