My Best Friend Who Isn’t Yet.

She was there again yesterday. She turns up wherever I go. She has no means of knowing where I am headed but she is usually there. I take this as destiny working its magic.

I know her a little bit. She is one of the mums from my children’s school. We have done two after-school classes in the same group. She is the one who would smile encouragingly when I misbehaved or made political statements.

I can tell she is a little irreverent and incorrigible. That appeals to me. She is smart and sassy but obviously not up herself either.

I heard her mouth the word “wanker” about an idiot at a school event. She did it so subtly and sort of in my direction. Perhaps she likes me as much as I like her.

Him Indoors thinks I am daft. He says I will still be referring to her as my best friend who isn’t yet in 2 years time.

As for me, I think one day we will be thrown together for a length of time and become buddies.

Do you ever have that sense that you have met a kindred spirit?

When I got home, I had an email from a mum I got to know a little bit 2 years ago. I have not heard from her for over 18 months. I am hoping she might turn into another best friend that isn’t yet. She must have remembered me and made contact for some reason.

Then there are the bloggers I might meet very soon.

I may go from zero real-life friends to countless wonderful ones soon. Wouldn’t that be lovely?


6 thoughts on “My Best Friend Who Isn’t Yet.

  1. She sounds like someone I would like to be friends with as well, she got me when she mouthed the word “wanker”… Great post and don’t see why she wouldn’t want to be friends with you 🙂

  2. Lovely post. I often feel like that about people…I certainly believe in kindred spirits and that certain people are meant to be in our lives even if only for a short while. Sometimes I feel a strange connection with people I meet for the first time, as if we have met before x

  3. Aw, that’s lovely. Why not take a deep breath and say, “hello,” next time you see her at the school gates? Guage whether she is at home during the day and take it from there. It could be the best deep breath you’ve ever taken.

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