What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I am later than usual listing my reasons to be cheerful this week.

I have had a very mixed week with some real lows but I am still here sustained by great friendship and support from those angels masquerading as human beings out there. Let me give a shout out right now to my step-daughter, my blogger friends, my Groovy Mums, a former colleague and her daughter who I knew when she was about 10 but is now clearly a very feisty and wise woman indeed. If I have not yet responded to you, it is only because I am reflecting very deeply on what you have said. I really do appreciate you reaching out to me.

I actually feel very much back on the up so here is the lovely stuff this week.

1. I have visited the cinema twice in one week seeing 2D and 3d films with the children and Him indoors. There is something so much more exciting about going to the pictures than watching a film on the telly.

2. Half Term has gone OK on the whole with little in the way of sibling squabbling and the more challenging parts of holidays. Baking, gardening, soft play centre and shopping have all featured to good effect. Him Indoors took time off work which makes it all a lot easier.

3. Today, I received my formal invitation to become a Trustee of the Local Voluntary and Community Services organisation. This will get me some evenings away from the house and test my little old brain too. It will be great to make connections in what looks like it is now very much where we want to settle for now.

4. My Dad has bought the children commemorative coins for the Queen’s Jubilee thingy. It is such a lovely thought and they will be treasured for a lifetime I am sure. Dad is so thoughtful and I am lucky to have him.

5. My work on the Charity Connections Blogging It Forward group over on Britmums is going really well. So many charities and good causes are keen to be involved which is really heartening. Bloggers are also both joining the group and working out which causes might appeal to them most. It is all good. Two bloggers will be attending a celebrity event this weekend so it is a fun thing to get involved with. Find out more over on http://britmums.com

6. I have sorted out a little niggling financial issue.

7. Him Indoors is trying to give up smoking for Lent and does not seem to be doing all that badly even if I know he is sneaking the odd one. Cutting down is something to celebrate. I have also made a Lenten promise but can’t tell you what it is without breaking the promise.

8. I am very much back on track on the healthy eating front.

I think that will do for now.

Pop over to http://mdplife.blogspot.com and see some more folks telling you just why they have smiles pinned on their faces.

There are always positives even in the darkest weeks so do consider giving Reasons To Be Cheerful a go too.


5 thoughts on “What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. Hi Kate,

    just popping over from the “meet and greet” for BritMums Live! Looking forward to reading more and getting to meet you properly in June. Would write more, but I now have one more thing to add to my ever increasing to-do list and that is to join the BritMums Charity Connections Blogging It Forward group. I’ll try and get there within a reasonable amount of time 😉

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