Posted in February 2012

What Brought On All That Negativity?

It appears I had a bit of a meltdown over the weekend. Deserved or not, I have received lots of support from rather lovely ladies so I think I have two choices. 1. I can delete the offending post but that would hardly fit with being open and honest on here. 2. I can explain … Continue reading

Why Don’t I Tell You The Truth?

I claim that this blog is open and hearfelt and yet I hide a truth. Why do I do that? Because I can’t quite believe it, because yet again I have been taken in, because it embarrasses me? I don’t want you to know that I am perceived as useless and worthless? Ugly, not good … Continue reading

Blogger Questions and Answers

Inside the Wendy House has tagged me in a Q & A meme. The idea is that the person who tags you makes their own set of questions that they want answered. Then once you’ve answered them, you get to make up your own questions and tag your own favourite bloggers to answer them! That … Continue reading

Which Is Your Favourite Mug?

The first thing I want to say because apparently I talk in manifestos is that I always drink out of a mug and don’t understand the point of cups at all. I am not one who fancies those bone china mugs either. Mine are of the solid and chunky variety. I have far too many … Continue reading

A Love Letter

Dear Him Indoors It is Valentine’s Day so why not tell the world how much I love you? I know, puke, vomit and all that. I met you in 1998 following a really awful relationship breakdown. He had cheated, my faith in men and myself was at an all time low and I had decided … Continue reading

Free Baby Yoga Guide

A new Baby Yoga booklet guide is available from Persil Non-Bio & Comfort Pure and top yoga instructor Nadia Narain. Nadia teaches at TriYoga in Primrose Hill, one of the largest and best centres in Europe. The Baby Yoga guide includes professional photos and information on the basic moves. Baby Yoga is a great way … Continue reading