Posted in March 2012

Have We Got The Egg Factor?

Last Sunday, I was sitting in the sunshine with my daughter putting together a model for the egg decorating competition held at the school. As you all know, I have a thing about ice-skating. Just look at the name of this blog for a start. My daughter shares my love of the sequins and the … Continue reading

For One Week Only – Groovy Mums On Wednesday

The Groovy Mums blog hop post usually appears here on Tuesday and with the linky remaining open until the following Monday. I am a day late and I hope people will understand that is because of the Twitter party yesterday which was so amazingly wonderful with friends old and new taking part. You can find a … Continue reading

How To Be On Trend – Groovy Mums

How do I start a post when I am still a little in shock from yesterday’s events? For those who missed it, we held a Twitter party using the hashtag #groovymums.  If you are a #groovymums you are officially on trend according to Twitter. The original idea was to acknowledge that the Groovy Mums blog … Continue reading

Do You Like Bargain-Hunting?

Do you like bargain-hunting?  Looking for second-hand finds in all manner of places?  Will it be the charity shop or ebay?  Are you a member of freegle where you can get all sorts of items for free?  With the sunshine finally showing up, the new Sunday cult of car-boot sales provides yet more opportunity to … Continue reading

Why Am I Saying A Big Thank You Today?

Did you hear the news?  Britmums have announced the shortlist for their Brilliance in Blogging Awards. I have had a lousy week so how lovely to have my day brightened as I find myself shortlisted for the Inspire, Change and Outstanding categories.  Wonderful categories those first two and I am overwhelmed to be up there … Continue reading

It Is Time For A Little Positive Self-Talk

OK, so today is not wonderful.  Even a Groovy Mum has days when all comes crashing down and the emotions are challenged a bit.  When I see Groovy Mums putting themselves down on their blog posts, I tell them to recognise just how wonderful they actually are.  Today, I am taking that advice myself.  Warning … Continue reading