Will You Come To A Very Special Twitter Party?

Are you on Twitter?  Have you ever joined in a Twitter Party?  Now is your chance particularly if you are a mum.

Next Tuesday 27th March 2012 between 1pm and 2pm, we are holding a Twitter party. The party is all about how Mums can carve out time for themselves whilst juggling so many tasks at home and/or at work.  If you are a Mum who would like to get back a little bit of the person you used to be pre-children or even to reinvent yourself altogether, this is the party for you.

You can hear from mums who have proactively changed their lives in big and small ways.  You can talk about your achievements in moving forwards in your life and ask for help with any challenges you face.

Perhaps you just want time to yourself sometimes for a little rest and relaxation.  You might want to get involved in studying, business or volunteering.  You might be working out how to get back to work whilst ensuring your children are well cared for. You might want to start eating better or taking more exercise.  The basic message is that if you think life could be a bit better for you as a woman and a mum, we would love you to join our Twitter party.  You can rely on lots of information, tips and support.

The party is being organised by myself and the mums who have taken part in the Groovy Mums challenges over the last 6 months.  We think 6 months of taking charge and changing our lives is a lot to celebrate.

There will be a post every day for the next week on this blog about Groovy Mums so you can get a proper idea of what it is all about prior to the party.

If you can answer “yes” to any of the question on this page https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/how-to-be-a-groovy-mum/ you will get something out of joining in with the Twitter party.

Plus there will be a few fun prizes for our favourite tweets during the party.  More details to be revealed in the course of this week.

During the party, we ask that if you join in you use hashtag #groovymums so that we know you are involved and can respond to your tweets.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback of whatever type, please do email me on  kateonthinice@gmail.com or find me on Twitter as @groovymums

NB:  We would also love to hear from companies and organisations who feel they can help mums move forwards on whatever front.


10 thoughts on “Will You Come To A Very Special Twitter Party?

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  2. Hi, I’ve only just seen this and gutted I missed the party – will there be more and can I come? I’m writing blog about being about a medical mum and how to find that work-life balance but to be fair flying by the seat of my pants right now! (http://medicalmarbles.com).

    Looking forward to reading about party!

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  5. Hello. Will try to join in but I have to drop my son off at playgroup at 1.30 so may be a little bit of a late comer!
    Well done on being short listed for the BIB’s. Fab recognition and well deserved.

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