What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Even on the worst days, there are positive things about.  You just have to look for them harder sometimes.

Well, my marriage appears to be on the rocks with Him Indoors telling me I have until 15th to sort myself out or he will leave.  This makes me sad, scared and panicky.  Him Indoors let me down with some bad behaviour and I am finding it really tough to move on from it.  I bottle it up and then when PMT strikes, it all explodes with wild accusations from me and the like.  I can be very nasty when in that frame of mind.  I would like to forgive and forget but maybe I am just not a good enough or strong enough person to actually pull it off.  It just goes round in circles upsetting both of us.

However, I am going to dig deep and celebrate the good things.

1.  There are blue skies and our courtyard is bathed in sunshine.

2. Whatever happens, I have my 3 very lovely children.

3. My son got praise from school for good manners this week.  He just left the certificate in his bag so it was lovely to find it one day.

4. All the children are getting back to full health and enjoying their new multivitamin jellies.

5. We had a good weekend with lots of outings and little treats.  It was great to get out after all the houseboundness of the week before.

6. I have my Dad who cares about me properly and has just brought me a choccy eclair to cheer me up.


Now pop over to Michelle here http://mdplife.blogspot.com where you will find some much cheerier souls today.


15 thoughts on “What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. Fantastic reasons to be positive, even if there are some difficult things going on. It’s so difficult to get over those feelings of hurt and anger by yourself and they won’t go away. Is there somewhere you can get some help?

  2. Try and stay strong. Giving you an ultimatum isn’t a fair thing to do. Marriage is a partnership and you need to help each other. Emotional blackmail is not fair, it’s a form of mental abuse.When you love someone you want to help them – through good and bad, and to support them as you yourself would hope to be supported if things were the other way round.

    You are a strong lady and you can get through this, just think really, really hard about what YOU want and what makes YOU happy – not about appeasing your husband, who I think you know deep down should be the one trying to change. x

  3. Sorry things are difficult at the moment, but well done you on finding the positives! Hope things get better soon and you’re both able to work out your problems!!! Keep strong and believe that whatever life throws at you you are strong enough to deal with it

  4. I’m with mammsaurus on this one – giving you until the 15th to ‘sort yourself out’ indeed! Well done for speaking out about this – perhaps he is the one that needs to sort himself out. I love your take on looking at the positive – can I add one more? You have more friends than you realise who are here to support you. A lot may be part of the online community but you are definitely not alone.

    Sending lots of positive thoughts your way! Jxx

  5. I’m sorry things are difficult for you at the moment. I hope you find the stregnth to make whatever the right choices are for you. It shows great strength that you have being able to see the positive this week.

  6. Ahh Kate, really sorry to hear things are tough. I am sure I have read before that things have been hard at times, I hope you can both dig deep and really talk to try and sort this out for the best for you all.

    With love, Mich x

  7. Tell Him “please yourself”. Call his bluff. On the other hand, do you want to stay with him in spite of everything, if so, you have to put up with him as he is.
    There was a woman who’s hubby had an affair & he came home to her & their 3 kids & said I’m leaving. Oh no, she said, you’re not, I am. And she packed her case & left him with the kids. A week later he was begging her to come home. You couldn’t see his new lady friend for dust when he was left holding the kids. Ha Ha!

  8. You are quite strong and its good that you are able to find positive events to focus on. How ever things develop in the days ahead, may you come out on the other side stronger for dealing with it in a way that’s best for you and your family.

  9. Im on my phone lovely, so it’s difficult to write you the essay this deserves, so I’m going to keep it short and sweet. But you know where I am, so just ask and I’ll help you as much as I can.

    1) the reason you’re a cow during your period is because you are being too nice for the rest of the month & your system is trying to balance you out! Go to a health food shop, ask for something for shock and something to help with your periods. Then practice saying what you feel all month and stop being so nice 😉

    2) anger isn’t helpful, but ‘righteous anger’ is. You need some fire in your belly and to realise that NO ONE deserves to be talked to with that amount of lack of respect. I don’t know what he thinks you ‘need to sort out’, but I do no he hasn’t gone about helping you in a respectful way. From the little I heard from another blog post I would wonder wether he is trying to distract from his own wrongs.

    3) this isn’t a plug, but have a look at all the blog posts I’ve written under the relationships menu on my blog. I specialised in helping couples with this stuff for years, there is likely to be something that will help you. Plus I’m here to answer any questions you have on my Q&A bit anytime – it can always be anon.

    4) if you really want to keep him, then it’s not about pathetically begging him, it’s about you looking after yourself so that you KNOW you are a bloody good option. I don’t just mean physically, I mean a bit of self live to yourself and appreciation of yourself. Of course you might not be so keen on him then?

    5) keep counting your blessings, you are right, they are always there. But don’t try to ignore the negative and be positive all the time. Instead aim for seeing both, but remaining calm and centred.

    HUGE hugs to you, I wish I could be there on person to give them to you. The blogging world will get you through this – this is the sort of thing it is good at.

  10. Yay for sunshine and chocolate eclairs 🙂

    So sorry about the current problems 😦 Ultimatums are very stressful and not really fair, so wishing you lots of strength to deal with it and hope things work out for the best. xo

  11. Take care of yourself and I hope this tough time soon passes. Eclairs, you Dad and your kids will pull you through (though not necessarily in that order!) whatever happens. Big monsterous squishy hugs xxx

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