Why Am I Saying A Big Thank You Today?

Did you hear the news?  Britmums have announced the shortlist for their Brilliance in Blogging Awards.

I have had a lousy week so how lovely to have my day brightened as I find myself shortlisted for the Inspire, Change and Outstanding categories.  Wonderful categories those first two and I am overwhelmed to be up there as an Outstanding blog.  I am a teeny weeny bit disappointed not to be in the Lit category but there was some very strong competition so it is understandable.  It is only because I fancy myself as a best-selling author but hey, we all have these little fantasies.  As some of you know I keep waiting for Prince Charming to turn up too lol.


What this wonderful news from Britmums  means is that some generous-spirited souls out there took time out of their day to make the effort to put in a nomination for me.  As most of them will be mums, I visualize them juggling the laptop whilst feeding a baby, amusing a toddler or telling a partner where his keys are.   Also wasn’t it difficult to choose when there are so many wonderful blogs out there?   It took me hours to decide on my nominees and there was that awful feeling of having to leave some very fine blogs out.

If you are also on the shortlist, well done you.  I know some of you well and others I want to investigate and get to know.

If you are not listed this time round, this is what I think.  You should never blog just to gain awards.  That way madness lies.  All bloggers are winners in my view in that they put their head above the parapet, share their truths and celebrate their passions.  If you want the advice of a shortlisted blogger, always let the fact that your blog is an outlet for individual expression be your guide.

Now if you could just get your baby to sleep, deal with the cat that has just brought a dead bird in and tell your Other Half he has to wait for his tea, you can pop over to the sidebar and vote for me.

The shortlist is here and I hope this leads you to some new blogs and online pals.


7 thoughts on “Why Am I Saying A Big Thank You Today?

  1. Congrats you! And I’ve taken on board what you have said to none short-listened bloggers :0) Makes perfect sense. As I type my toddler is climbing the table, biting and unpeeled Clementine and looking at me cheekily, over and out, lol.

  2. Congratulations – three categories too! I found you on the Britmums shortlist, I’ve been shortlisted in ‘change’ I am just working my way through all the other fantastic blogs. Like you, I don’t blog for awards but it sure is nice to know someone actually reads it! Good Luck x

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