Every Picture Tells A Story – The Weight Loss Journey

There is usually something that results in a mum deciding to tackle their weight issues.  Often, it is a less than flattering photograph.

This was mine and probably should carry some sort of health warning.

I started my weight loss journey at around the same time as I started the Groovy Mums blog hop.  I realised I had far more to tackle in my life than weight and knew I could both offer support and receive some back.

I bought some clothes in a bundle knowing they were way too small but hoping it would motivate me to eat healthily.  Eventually, I put them in storage under the bed.

Just on the off-chance a few days ago, I tried on a pair of white trousers from the bundle.  They fitted.  I keep going upstairs and trying on a new pair and so far they all fit, some tighter than others but all going on and doing up.

It shows it can be done and although I am still overweight, I am also still tackling things well.  I have blips but I forgive myself for them rather than spiralling into self-loathing.

Six months later, here is today’s photograph.

Not a picture of a slim woman but a slimmer one.  Well done me!

I would like to thank Liska on the New Mum Online blog for her Mumentum and now Inner Truth blog hop that really helps me most weeks to stay on track.  It also provides support when I go wrong.  Special appreciation also goes to a range of Groovy Mums, Tweeps and bloggers.  You are responsible for me losing my trousers and getting into my jeans.

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