What Are This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I am happy to report this week is much better than last. Now let me have a little review of the week and the positive things in it.

1. I got lots of support from bloggers, tweeps, family and friends. This led to some good communication between Him Indoors and myself. We are committed to making our marriage work with both of us knowing that we are not perfect but have far too much good between us to throw carelessly away.

2. In a way this is connected to number 1 and is about me starting to look after myself better including tackling my very bad pre-menstrual tension. I have done some research but if anyone has any tips on how to tackle this yucky conditon, please let me know. I refuse to let one week per month be horrendous anymore for either myself or my family.

3. We had a lovely family day out in Lincoln at the weekend. It was so sunny and I loved the city. I have only ever passed through before so it was great to discover the castle and so on. There was a really special vibe about the place that suited me. I could imagine living there happily. Also I was able to climb the very “Steep Hill” without getting breathless which shows what just a little weight loss can do for you.

4. My youngest children started swimming lessons and both loved it. My son went to it with gusto as is his way. My daughter was nervous but due to a wonderful male teacher ended up loving it.

5. I sorted my bedroom out, bagging yet more stuff up for the charity shop and wondering why on earth I still have children’s clothing in age 3 when my youngest is 6!

6. My youngest son had a brilliant report at parents’ evening.

7. I hosted a #groovymums Twitter party on Tuesday and it trended at number 2 on Twitter which leaves me speechless to be honest. It was great to connect with the grooviest mums, old and new.  Thank you again for all the support.

8. I went to London today and met someone very famous. Now who could that be? Not the Queen unless you mean the Queen of positive thoughts. I also linked up with several bloggers and learned a lot to boot. Exhausting day but a lovely one all the same.

9. I have had fun decorating eggs with the children. Pictures to follow of what we thought were quite creative ideas even if the school thought otherwise.

10. I am going out with my Dad to the Easter Service tomorrow followed by our usual fish and chip lunch date.

11. I came home today to another very exciting invitation and one that really appeals to me.

That is a nice little selection.

Now pop on over to http://mdplife.blogspot.com to smile with some other wonderful bloggers and find out what they are up to.

5 thoughts on “What Are This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. This is quite a list :0) Congrats on #1. And may you have many happy years together. I’m really pleased that the twitter party was such a success! Well done to your kids its a credit to you. Enjoy #11.

    As the blessings come your way, give thanks and enjoy them :0)

  2. Quite a list, that! I’m glad to hear that you and hubby are seeing the positives in your marriage and agreeing to work on it – I wish you all the best with that!

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