Posted in March 2012

What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Even on the worst days, there are positive things about.  You just have to look for them harder sometimes. Well, my marriage appears to be on the rocks with Him Indoors telling me I have until 15th to sort myself out or he will leave.  This makes me sad, scared and panicky.  Him Indoors let … Continue reading

What Did I Get For Mother’s Day?

Although Mothers’ Day was yesterday, my weekend of lovely treats started on Friday when my youngest two presented their home-made cards. My little girl had done a lovely picture of a pink flower with a purple butterfly too.  Her message was a simple “Happy Mother’s Day with Love”. My son had made his flower picture … Continue reading

Why Is Kate Is A Very Naughty Girl?

Last week, my children were ill on and off all week. It was a week where I had lots to get on with but when your children need a cuddle and their Mum, they have to be prioritised. However, I am still a petulant little minx and as my plans had to be postponed, I … Continue reading

What Does Mother’s Day Mean To You And Me?

The lager-swigging, celebrity journalist, flannelette nightie wearing wonder that is Anna over at has tagged me in a meme all about Motherhood.  Here are my answers.  Will you have a go at these questions? Describe Motherhood in three words Exhausting, Challenging, Wonderful Does your experience differ from your mother’s? How? For a start Mum made … Continue reading

Thank Goodness For Reasons To Be Cheerful

Well, last Thursday was so marvellous that I did not post my Reasons To Be Cheerful until Friday. Since then, life has hit me with a few challenges.  All 3 children have had various illnesses.  The younger two have some sort of weird bug that fluctuates.  They appear to get better and then end up … Continue reading

How Am I Getting On?

I am on a quest to rediscover and renivent myself.  How is it all going? 1.  March is proving to be quite exciting.  Not that long ago, I felt so housebound and unmotivated to get out of the house.  Now it is looking like every week, I will have an event that someone actually wants … Continue reading