Posted in April 2012

Wonderful Pistachios – the healthier nut option

We tried out the Wonderful Pistachios range that includes tasty Roasted Salted, Salt & Pepper, Roasted Unsalted and the new Sweet Chilli flavour These are the only flavoured pistachios available in the UK. They also appear to be one of the healthiest nut options around. California pistachios are the most nutrient dense and pack more … Continue reading

It’s Not Too Late To Be A Groovy Mum

Groovy Mum?  Isn’t that a little Seventies?  Or perhaps a reminder of Madonna in the Eighties?  Actually, it is just a name chosen at random for an initiative to encourage myself and other mums to add a bit more sparkle and joy to our lives in whatever way suits us best. It is not too … Continue reading

Will You Help The Lonely?

Lonely is shopping for one.  Products tend to come in sizes that meet the needs of couples or families.  Lonely is throwing most of the loaf of bread away as you have nobody to share it with. Lonely is enjoying shopping for the first time in your life because someone will talk to you even … Continue reading

Healthcare By Numbers

My 84 year old Dad has asked me to share this with you. He thought he had lung cancer and decided to telephone for a doctor’s appointment. He picked up the phone and .. A For doctor’s appointment, press 1 B Type in your date of birth C Type in your telephone number D. Press … Continue reading