How To Do A Lap Dance In A Most Unusual Place

Have you ever fancied being an exotic dancer? Are times so tight that you are seriously considering taking up lap-dancing to bring in some dosh?

Might I suggest you pay a visit to your local charity shop?

On my usual Saturday visit to the local hospice shop, I was looking for children’s dvds when my eye saw something about getting fit so I picked up the brightly coloured dvd. Imagine the shock to a good Catholic girl like myself when I saw it was a training video for erotic dance. I was so disgusted that I had to take a look at the other 5 in the set too.

I left them behind (for now). Taking up lap-dancing would be a whole new way of getting my groove back lol.

My boys founds some computer games of the non-sexy variety and my daughter persuaded me that this little bunny was absolutely essential.

Now do a bunny hop over to lucious Liz over on the Me and My Shadow blog where she is getting into lurex and others are sharing their bargain finds.


6 thoughts on “How To Do A Lap Dance In A Most Unusual Place

  1. I’m picturing the reaction of the granny on the cash desk if you took a set of 6 lapdancing dvds up and tried to pay for them! Our hospice shop is decidedly still granny-territory. The young & trendies volunteer in the cancer shops, and normally whip up the bargains before I get to them.

  2. I’m disappointed you didn’t buy them Kate. Just think of the fun that could have been had at the Bloggers Charity Calendar shoot 😉

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