Celebrate Your Pets – Link Up For National Pet Month

Do you have a pet?

National Pet Month takes place in April.

Here is a fun and simple idea that I hope lots of bloggers will take part in.

All I am asking you to do is to post a photo of your pet on your blog and link up below.  If you want to add words on your post about how loved, daft or wonderful you pet is, that is absolutely fine but optional.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to have an exhibition of all our wonderful animal friends?

Here are mine …

Max or Maximus to give him his full title.  Emperor like, very fussy about what he will eat, gives great cuddles when HE decides he wants them.

Saffie our creamy yellow labrador.  Very good-natured dog.  Loves swimming.  Fits into the family marvellously.

Cherry the chocolate labrador.  Dopey, sleepy and fussy just about covers it.

Now post a photo of your pet and link up below.


5 thoughts on “Celebrate Your Pets – Link Up For National Pet Month

  1. Not sure if the linky thingy worked but I love my pussy cat Indi or as like to call him Indi Bindi Boo. A cat has to a have sing song name! It’s cute and it annoys my hubby lol. And my cat listens to me without any interuptions, greets me with a hello and lots of purrs wehn I walk in and if he could he would smile. Although when he used huis litter tray, I’m sure he smiled. xxx

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