Do You Shop Online? If You Do, Check Out This FREE Way To Help A Great Cause.

Do you shop online?

Would you like to support a charity of your choice in a way that does not involve you dipping your hand into your pocket, giving up your time or signing a petition?

Just think – now your online shopping can offer retail therapy and that feel-good factor of helping out a good cause too!

If you join Give As You Live via this URL: every time that you shop online with one of the 1800 retailers involved (in other words most if not all the people you shop with online), a donation will go to charity.   You are not committed to spending any money by signing up either so you can join TODAY and learn how your future online spending can help good causes.

It really is as simple as that.

Bascially if you shop online and don’t join Give As You Live, you are missing out on an opportunity to raise money for charity in a really easy way.  Remember charities are often cash-strapped particularly in these economic times.

Do you do your supermarket shopping online?

Do you book travel tickets online?

Do you book hotels online?

Do you shop at Argos, Marks and Spencer and other high street stores via the online route?

Do you send flowers via online shopping?

Do you buy presents online?

Do you use Amazon online?

If any of these apply to you, you could be raising money for a charity of your choice right now.

Please visit now to find out more

In future posts, I will explain why I am supporting the Royal British Legion with my fundraising but you are free to choose the CHARITY OF YOUR CHOICE.

When you visit the link, you will see some images of poppies as I am supporting the Royal British Legion with my shopping.  You can choose to do that too or quickly change it to the charity that appeals to you most via

. If you have any questions, you can contact me via

This is a sponsored post. #mums4good

Proud supporter of Brit Mums for good!

7 thoughts on “Do You Shop Online? If You Do, Check Out This FREE Way To Help A Great Cause.

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  2. Excellent start to a brilliant campaign, I love this post and I hope ALL of your readers do click on GAYL so we can claw back as much money as we can for good causes

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  5. This is a great cause and a lovely service. I attended the launch before Xmas last year and I was very pleased with all I heard and saw. I wish you much success with this venture :0) We don’t shop online any more as I’m a SAHM and we’re on a tight budget, but I will keep this in mind for when we do.

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