It’s All Happening For Mums! What is?

Are you a mum?  More specifically, are you a mum who would like to shake things up a bit and improve your life?  You might want to eat more healthily and/or take exercise.  You might want to develop your mind in some way perhaps through doing a course or engaging in some other form of learning even reading a book.  You might want to want to contribute to the world via blogging, volunteering or campaigning on issues that matter to you.  You might want to look at getting a job or setting up your own business.

Change can start with the tiniest of steps.  Examples include actually carving out a few minutes for yourself every day to getting back to a hobby you love to taking a walk.

If any of these sound like you, I hope you will get involved in Groovy Mums.  It started as a blog hop and now we have parties and a new network.

1. Twitter Party – Wednesday 18th April 2012 from 1pm -2pm.

Mums will gather on Twitter at 1pm to talk about how to feel good or better as a mum.  If you are not on Twittter, get an account now so you can join in.  If you are on Twitter, all you have to do is follow tweets that have the hashtag #groovymums to see what everyone is chatting about.  Of course, we welcome you tweeting your thoughts, ideas and feelings too.  Please ensure you add hashtag #groovymums to your tweets.

Thanks to the lovely @BeauBronz, the official spray tanners to Dancing on Ice, we have a lovely goodie bag worth £100 to give away to one lucky participant chosen at random.

There may be other goodies up for grabs too.

2. There is a brand new network for mums here  and if you are a mum, consider yourself invited. It aims to be a safe and supportive forum for mums who want to make changes in their lives and would like to share their journey and learn from others too.  There are groups for just about every sort of mum and if there isn’t, do let me know and I will create one.  The network is for mums who want to change their lives and there will be struggles along the way and your ambitions do not need to be huge at all.  I am not the most confident person in the world but I have found taking part in Groovy Mums has helped me make some important moves in my life such as weight loss, seeking out and acquiring paid work, having a couple of trips on my own, that type of thing.   Bloggers and non-bloggers are welcome on the network.  In fact, one of the reasons for setting it up was so that non-bloggers would have a way of taking part.  If you are a blogger not linked in to blogging networks already, a good starting point is and there are others too.  Groovy Mums is not a blogging network but of course bloggers who happen to be mums and want to change their lives are welcome.

If you are not sure if Groovy Mums is for you (and don’t be out off by the name!), check this out

Really hoping to see you at tomorrow’s party even if you only pop by for 5 minutes.

The network means there will be support available 24 hours per day 7 days per week and I am very excited about that.  So what are you waiting for, visit  and get involved.

Please note you can do the blog hop, attend the party and/or join the network or whichever mix suits you best.

Let’s get groovy!


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