Will You Lend Your Support To The Royal British Legion At No Cost To Yourself?

Can you remember the first time you became aware of the Royal British Legion?

You probably saw your parents and grand-parents buying poppies around Remembrance Day as a child?

The Poppy Appeal is probably one of the best-known charity appeals in the UK.

Do you know where the money raised goes?

It provides vital support to service-people and families both those who are in the forces currently and those who have been at any time. If you think about it, it is a charity that could be supporting someone who is 1 day old or 100 years old. It might be helping someone who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan or one of our World War veterans.

The needs of the beneficiaries of the Royal British Legion are diverse. Through a team of volunteer caseworkers, the Legion works out how to help service-people and their families best. That might involve ensuring they have food, helping with housing costs or providing mobility equipment. As well as goods, the Legion provides that all-important understanding and listening ear. Find out more at http://britishlegion.org.uk
The Royal British Legion helps its clients all year round so it needs our help all throughout the year.

A really simple way to lend your support in these cash-strapped times is to join my fundraising campaign by clicking on this badge ..

Proud supporter of Brit Mums for good!

This means that everytime you shop online, a percentage of what you spend will be donated to the Royal British Legion. It does not involve you spending a penny more than you intended to.

Most people say they would help charity if they could afford to do so. If you shop online, you can manage to do this as all it costs you today is signing up to Give As You Live here with your first name and an email address.

I am raising money for The Royal British Legion but you can sign up here and select another charity if you prefer to do so.

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