It’s Not Too Late To Be A Groovy Mum

Groovy Mum?  Isn’t that a little Seventies?  Or perhaps a reminder of Madonna in the Eighties?  Actually, it is just a name chosen at random for an initiative to encourage myself and other mums to add a bit more sparkle and joy to our lives in whatever way suits us best.

It is not too late to join in and if you do, you are guaranteed lots of laughs and support along the way.

I encourage you to read the questions here and if even one rings true for you, join in.  You can do this by linking up relevant blog posts about how you are taking steps to change your life for the better even if in tiny ways.  You are also invited to join the Groovy Mums Ning network to meet some like-minded ladies keen to get their lives back on track.

Here are some challenges you may want to consider this week.

1. Body – What new ways can you find to take exercise?  Check out what is offered at your local leisure centres and community venues.  Is there something you could do at home to increase your fitness?

2. Mind – It is Depression Awareness Week.  Have you experienced depression?  Do you know how to spot the signs of depression in your loved ones and others?  Check out for information and support with mental health issues.  They are also asking for your stories.

3. Blogging – Did you know publish round-ups of good posts on certain issues such a food, politics, special needs, green issues, health and more?  Why not promote your posts to the editors of these round-ups and raise your profile?

4. Special Days – This week saw us marking St George’s Day.  Is there a dragon that you need to tackle in your life?

5. Charity Connections- Get shopping online and hundreds of retailers will give a percentage of what you spend to a charity of your choice.  Click here  and register for free for Give As You Live with your name and email address.  Do it today!  You don’t have to spend any money now but it means when you do shop online you can ensure some of the money goes to a good cause.  Why wouldn’t you?  When you click, you will see poppies because I am personally raising money for the Royal British Legion but you can register here and then when you shop, you can select a charity of your choice.

6,  The Big Question – What has the last year brought you? Are you happy with it?

OK, that is all from me apart from reminding you that Groovy Mums hold Twitter parties on a regular basis.  Our next will focus on work and business opportunities for mums.

Now why not write a post about how you are changing things for you and link it up.

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