Fabulous Family Dining At Frankie and Bennys – Highly Recommended

Frankie and Bennys is important to me and Him Indoors.

It played an important role in our early getting-to-know you dates. Later, we would have a meal there to celebrate job offer and other good news.

With three children aged 6 to 11 years, we don’t dine out now as much as we would like. Although our children are reasonably well-behaved and very well-mannered, they are still children and we find they are not all that welcome in most restaurants.

Hence, we were delighted to receive an invitation to try out the new menu at Frankie and Bennys. We visited on my daughter’s 8th birthday on Easter Monday and attended the Selby branch.

Even though it was a busy Bank Holiday, the staff went out of their way to make my little girl’s day special. Balloons were put on the table and they arranged for everyone to sing “Happy Birthday”. It really helped to give her the loveliest of days. Of course, there were also the activity packs they give out to children so all our children were kept amused.

I have always loved the vibe at Frankie and Benny’s. You know what to expect and that includes a great interior and lovely music from yesteryear.

I know you want to hear about the food. It was all superb and very much enjoyed. The choice on the menu is vast and there are lots of offers that help make things that much more affordable. Don’t forget to sign up for the Birthday Club on the Frankie and Bennys website now.

I think our very favourite part of the meal was the starter where the whole family shared a sampler platter for just £13.95. There were stuffed jacket potatoes, breadsticks, dips, chicken portions, onion rings and more.

Him Indoors had steak and as a huge fan of steak declared it to be fantatic. I had a New Yorker wrap. In the end as I found the sauce a little spicy, we ended up sharing with me getting some steak and him half the wrap.

The children had spaghetti bolognaise, a burger and a pizza. They ate well and one of my sons is a very fussy eater so this is high praise indeed. Of course, they enjoyed their spectacular ice-cream sundaes best of all.

We had plenty of drinks too and the total bill came in at £54.05 which works out at just over a tenner per head. That is not at all bad when the meal involves starter and puddings.

It is important to say that there were lots of different types of customer from babies to the elderly all being made equally welcome with plenty of space to eat and enjoy. Customer care was efficient and warm. I did hear the waiting staff being very flexible when customers had special requests.

I will be back and soon to try out the breakfasts in the morning and the cocktails one evening.

This is a sponsored post in that I received a £50 voucher from Frankie and Bennys.

One thought on “Fabulous Family Dining At Frankie and Bennys – Highly Recommended

  1. Before my son, I sneered a little bit at the thought of eating in Frankie and Bennys but I took him there just before Christmas, and while the food was just okay, the level of service and consideration was just fantastic. I would heartily recommend it too and I’m pretty picky about where I eat. Glad you had a nice time.

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