Posted in April 2012

What Should Katy Do Next?

Today, I am in a reflective mood. Last September, I resolved to change my life and I have moved forwards. However, today I feel it is not enough, there is so much further to go. I am still the fat woman in a small village going nowhere fast. So here is a list for the … Continue reading

Why Are Mums Trending On Twitter?

Why are mums trending on Twitter? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? Yesterday afternoon, if you were around on Twitter, you may have seen hashtag #groovymums trending at number 2. Forget 100 days to the Olympics, for about a hour yesterday, tweeps were more interested in the lives of mums. Why? Well, … Continue reading

It’s All Happening For Mums! What is?

Are you a mum?  More specifically, are you a mum who would like to shake things up a bit and improve your life?  You might want to eat more healthily and/or take exercise.  You might want to develop your mind in some way perhaps through doing a course or engaging in some other form of … Continue reading

Why Do I Want To Be Alone?

The children have had school holidays for nearly 3 weeks where I have done most of the looking after as my husband works. My husband has taken some days off to be fair so I am not complaining on that score. My elderly Dad lives with me. As the Easter break seemed to become endless, … Continue reading

Guest Post From Kate The Easter Chick

On a recent trip to the fish and chip shop, the young man behind the counter smiled and asked me if I would like bits with my haddock. Readers are probably thinking “what a lovely surprise”.  It was nice but not a shock for me, Kate the Chick. Throughout my life, I have had men treating … Continue reading