Posted in May 2012

Who Is My Sunshine? – The Gallery

When I saw the theme for this week’s Gallery, I immediately remembered that song “You are my sunshine”. When I had my first baby boy, he loved his playnest. There was a bright sunshine thing that played that song every time he touched it. There were other mobile toys attached to the play nest but … Continue reading

What Are Your Reasons To Be Cheerful?

I woke up today feeling that actually I have quite a lot to be happy about right now. So my Reasons to be Cheerful this week will be easy to come up with. 1. My legs are not hurting. Last Friday, I started having severe pains in my arms and legs. On Saturday, the pain … Continue reading

Water Retention?

Since Friday last week, I have had excruciating pains in my lower arms and lower legs. They came out of blue and are like nothing I have experienced before. I gave it a day to see if they passed and then the weekend made seeing the GP impossible.  I visited a pharmacist who told me … Continue reading

Kenco Millicano Stick Packs – Review

Kenco Millicano is a wholebean instant coffee that offers the convenience of instant with the quality and taste reminiscent of roast and ground coffee. I love the taste but then I like all coffee.  However, my fussy son says he only wants to drink Kenco Millicano so that is quite a recommendation. Now, new Kenco … Continue reading

Do You Shop Online? Savvy Online Shopper Friday

Last week, I started a meme about online shopping.   The idea is that every Friday I will write a post and encourage bloggers to join in to celebrate the joys and experiences of online shopping.  You might write about an unusual purchase or one that made you feel good.   You might share an online store you … Continue reading