Challenges For Mums Who Want To Change

On Tuesdays, I encourage mums to make little changes in their lives. Take on one or more of the challenges or none at all but do ask yourself what baby steps you cantake to improve my life. If you blog about it, link up below and I will do my best to promote your post on Twitter and so on.

You are encouraged to read the questions here If you answer yes to any of them, you qualify to take part. It is possibly the most flexible blog hop on the planet.

Here are the challenges for you consider this week.

1. Body – How about getting into gardening as a good form of exercise? It is not too late to plant some fruit and vegetables. My Dad just bought 3 roses for my children. What a lovely and different present? We have made a vegetable plot and seem to have very fast growing weeds but then we are new to this game. If you do plant something, you can also link up here and find out about ONE’s “Let’s Thrive” campaign.

2. Mind – why not look at the Open University website and investigate learning opportunities to fit in with your current commitments.

3. Spirit – do you have a favourite prayer that helps you? Or it could be a poem or inspirational saying? Tell us about it. It might help somebody else too.

4. Blogging – Are you taking part in the #SnapHappyBritMums photography challenge? It is not too late and it is lots of fun. Basically, @BritMums on Twitter give a prompt each day and if you feel inspired, you post a pic that meets that theme. For example, today’s prompt is “The Best Part Of Me” which fits so well with groovy mums and feeling better about ourselves.

5. Charity Connections – Do you shop online? If you do or intend to at some point you can raise money for any charity of your choice including schools by clicking on the big square #mums4good badge over in my sidebar. All you need to do is to give your email and your name. You don’t have to commit to shop today or to spend a certain amount. You don’t make a donation to charity but the retailer you spend with will. Simples. So why are you not clicking? It is FREE money for charity. Hate to be pushy but that does seem a little bit like a no-brainer to me. Do it. Do it now. I am currently supporting the Royal British Legion but you get to choose your charity every time you shop online. Make my day and get involved today.

6. Special Days – Don’t forget to get involved in the #groovywork Twitter party taking place on Wednesday 16th May 2012 from 7-8pm. We are talking about family-friendly jobs and self-employment opportunities. Whether you are a mum looking for a job, a career change or hoping to start a business or you are an employer, franchise provider or women’s network, we would love you to come along to pick up tips and to have your say.

Is that enough to be going on with?

Ready, steady, let’s start making positive changes today.

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