Will You Send A Message?

It is easy living in the UK to ignore the plight of Africa.  It is easy to choose to do nothing about it.  It is easy to turn our faces in a different direction.

However, as a parent, you would want someone to be there for your children and if it just meant signing a petition, you would be offended if nobody made the effort for your loved ones.

A few weeks ago,I was honoured to visit ONE’s offices in the UK to learn how international aid makes a really positive difference in Africa.  I have to admit sometimes I have thought that Africa is a lost cause.  I got it wrong.  International aid makes a real difference that I write about https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/04/02/are-you-the-one-mum-that-can-make-a-difference/

I am supporting ONE’s “Let’s Thrive” campaign.

ONE ask you not for your money but for your voice.  Can you spare that for them if it means saving children’s lives?  It will take seconds of your time.
Next week eight of the most powerful leaders in the world are meeting for the G8 Summit, at Camp David in the United States.
More than 250,000 people around the world have signed ONE’s petition to the G8 so far, calling on them to announce a historic plan to break the cycle of hunger and poverty.
But ONE need to make more noise to make sure that the G8 leaders hear them.. There’s still time to add your voice before they deliver their petition to them next week. And I can tell you that every voice counts.
Honestly there are a thousand reasons I could give you for why this campaign matters, but I keep coming back to just one:
We can lift 50 million people from poverty if the G8 does the right thing next week.
Click here to automatically sign the petition, which reads:
Dear G8 leaders,
It’s time to break the vicious cycle of hunger and poverty.  Please urgently agree to and implement a bold global plan to ensure 50 million people escape poverty through agriculture and 15 million children no longer endure chronic malnutrition.

Will you be the ONE Mum that makes a difference?

3 thoughts on “Will You Send A Message?

  1. After few tweets they informed they have offices in joburg. After my son returns to the uk on tuesday I will be contacting them to offer my time and experiences to do whatever they need doing here.

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