What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Without further ado, here are my reasons for smiling this week.

1. My big reason is that I am now helping Tommys, the baby charity http://www.tommys.org/Page.aspx?pid=247to raise money via the #mums4good campaign. I urge you to sign up to Give As You Live by clicking  http://www.give.as/kateonthinice  which will take you to my page on the Give As You Live website or via the snazzy badge on my sidebar. It will cost you just a few seconds of your time. Then every time you shop online, thousands of retailers (Amazon, supermarkets, holiday companies, insurance provider and many more) will ensure a percentage of what you spend goes to charity. There is no extra cost to you.
You have the key to unlocking money for charity.

2. It was my husband’s birthday and I made a cake which amused him no end.   You can see the cheeky picture by clicking https://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/2012/05/13/the-best-part-of-me-snap-happy-britmums/We also made use of the barbecue he got as a pressie from my dad.

3. Today is my wedding anniversary. I feel calm and content. We don’t have a perfect marriage, we are not necessarily all hearts and flowers but we do love each other and like my mother always said God made kippers and he paired them. We make sense to us.

4. SATS week is nearly at an end and my son seems to be coping with it all emotionally which is the main thing.

5. My daughter is enjoying her new art club.

6. My youngest son has a play and tea date tomorrow and it is wonderful to see his excitement.

7. I got paid, my first bit of paid work in a long time and it felt fabulous.

8. The #groovywork Twitter party went well with mums making useful connections about jobs and self-employment.

9. I had a couple of really tiring days this week but both filled with very good things. It made me realise that I have really got my groove back and am now on a groovy and unpredictable but fun journey.

10. I am going to write a paper for a local charity on the use of social media and am also going to interview for a new member of staff from them

11. My son and daughter are both swimming without armbands now.

12. Last one is a big one. I am now getting through my months without losing a week or more to fatigue, low moods and angry outbursts. I put this down to the Well Woman tablets I am taking. I buy them from the chemists, I am not sponsored to say they are great but I want to spread the word in case it helps somebody else out there.

Life is feeling more balanced.

Now get thee across to http://mdplife.blogspot.com who could do with a kind word this week. You will also find lots of cheery posts linked up there.

11 thoughts on “What Are My Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. I loved reading this list and hearing that you have so much to celebrate. I was readin g last week that experts have discovered the secret to happiness is to try out new things while finding contentment in what one already has. Which you definitely seem to be doing. I’m good at the latter; not so brave about the new!

  2. Great reasons to be cheerful. I currently use Give as you Live, but I try to mix it up every few months so I can spread the benefits round – Tommys is definitely next on my list now. Great reasons to be cheerful all in all. #12 is certainly amazing, I hope you’re able to keep this up. 🙂 Also, the paper on social media is something I’d be really interested in!

  3. What an inspiring, upbeat read. You have lots of positive stuff going on. So glad for you, and great to hear that you feel that you’ve got your groove back. Fab stuff.

  4. This is a GREAT list!!! The cake made me chuckle! Our marriage is like this. Not all hearts and flowers for sure and we have our bad days. Especially of late. But overall, I just cannot imagine him NOT in my life or I in his. ❤

  5. Wow now that is a list and a half! I’m really glad you have so many things to be cheerful about!
    Happy anniversary! Well done on getting you first bit of paid work!
    A massive well done to your son and daughter for being able to take their armbands off for swimming xx

  6. WOW thats quite a list and you are certainly on buys mummy :0) I’m happy for you. I’m sending belated happy anniversary greetings, many marriages are a work in progress focus on the love. All the best with your charity work and paper.

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