A Slimming Cream That Worked For Me – Epochas

Epochas offered me the opportunity to try out  their new Slimming Cream and Serum.

I agreed because having lost considerable weight last year, I seem to have got a bit disillusioned with the journey.  I have gone off track and the waistline is beginning to complain.  Not hugely but enough to make me seize at the opportunity to try a slimming cream even though I am not usually a lotions and potions type of girl.

The cream comes in a colour which funnily enough reminded me of thousand island dressing.  Imagine rubbing that on your chubbier areas.  However, the smell was pleasant enough and I was particularly pleased with how quickly the cream absorbed into the skin so that you clothing did not get messed up.

The serum is designed to put on at night and has a very slight warming effect. 

The first thing I noticed was that my skin tone seemed to improve.  However, I did not believe that any inches would be lost.  However, when I measured after the first 5 days I had lost just over half an inch around my waist.  Result and enough to push me into getting back on the slimming journey properly.

What I struggled with was remembering to apply the cream and serum getting distracted by other tasks in my day.  So that result after 5 days is after 5 days of not applying it as often as advised.

Epochas trialled 24  other women, mostly mums wanting to shift their mummy tummies. Between them in 10 days without changing their diet or exercise routine they lost 41 inches from their tummies and arms.  They have all commented here www.facebook.com/epochas  A lot of our trial ladies have commented on reduced stretch mark appearance on their tummy also whilst using the product, an added benefit of the cream and serum.

I think the decision whether to use a slimming cream and serum is a very personal one so I will not recommend the product  as such.  What I will say is that it did work for me in terms of shifting inches and improving skin tone.  Epochas are doing a promotion for the first 100 box sets, which are being dispatched on 28th May.If you enter coupon code like280512 you get a box set for just £35.00 for a limited time.

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