What Are This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful?

Well, it is scorching here and I am not a huge fan of hot weather but let’s get smiling and happy.  There is always something to be cheerful about.

1. The sun is shining and I enjoy the light if not the heat.  Keep finding myself launching into song at random moments.  Walking on Sunshine and all that.

2. I get a sense that the universe has rather belatedly decided to catch up and say “You know what, Kate, you actually deserve a fair crack of the whip.”  Life seems more lively and diverse and I like it.  The only way is up baby!

3. My son finished his SATS this week as he had additional papers to do for reading and numeracy.  They had a little party and non-uniform day and we are all glad to see the back of them and the pressure they impose.

4. My daughter is throwing herself into the Jubilee spirit with gusto.  There is much bunting-making, scrapbook cutting out and much more planned too.

5. My other son had a happy playdate at his friend’s house and apparently behaved well.

6. My biggest reason this week is the support now being given to my #mums4good campaign where I am encouraging people to support charity every time they shop online at no (as it zero, zilch etc) cost to themselves.  When I shop online, my money goes to Tommy’s the baby charity working on miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth issues.  You can join in and choose the charity that means the most to you at http://www.give.as/kateonthinice.  It takes seconds and once you sign up you get news of some rather lovely special offers with loads of retailers.  Go on, you know you want to really.

Will that do for one week of  joy?

Well no actually because now you need to strut your funky stuff over to Mich at http://mdplife.blogspot.com and check out some rather lovely people who believe in emphasizing the postive.

4 thoughts on “What Are This Week’s Reasons To Be Cheerful?

  1. Fab post Kate, Lovely reasons! The #mums4good campaign sounds great, will pop over and take a look, thanks for the heads up, I have a charity in mind.

    As for homeschooling, you soooo have the skills. Contemplating it seems so daunting because you are then responsible for your childs education but I really wish I did it with my eldest two. Give me a shout anytime if you ever need any info etc xxx

  2. I’m glad I’m not the only one to feel the urge to burst into song! I must stop doing it on the packed train into work of a morning, though. Great reasons to be cheerful – I hope you have another good week ahead!

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